Sunday, April 08, 2012

easter fun

Happy Easter everyone!!
We spent the morning at our church.  Matt and I led our class in a fun game of Easter Bible Jeopardy then we enjoyed a lesson from our teaching reflecting on why we celebrate Easter.  
Sixteen Cities lead us in worship today and then our Pastor finished up a great series called "Famous Last Word".  We are so blessed by our church!!
After church, we had a yummy lunch at Nonnie's house then had an Easter egg hunt inside because it started to rain.  I really wanted to get some cute pictures of the kids in the grass with their Easter eggs, but that just didn't happen. 
 Pearson's favorite eggs were the ones with money or jelly beans in them.  He loved to shake them!
 He even found one egg that wasn't just laying on the floor.  It was funny because he found it then he kept going back to the same spot looking for it again.  
 Pearson got 3 eggs from Lolly & Pops with money in them! I guess I should put them in his piggy bank since I have yet to put any money in there.  And we all know if I get ahold of the change it will turn into Sonic money!!
Pearson also got a fun little Peek-A-Boo book from Lolly & Pops.  This boy loves to read his books! 
Olivia wasn't all that interested in hunting for eggs, but she did enjoy shaking them like Pearson. 
Carson had so much fun hunting eggs and treats.  Maybe next year Pearson and Olivia will decide to join in on the fun. 

 Lolly & Pops and their little cuties!!
 After all our Easter fun at Nonnie's, we came home and Pearson got to dig into his Easter basket.  
 He loved the little cars we got him.  He immediately starting rolling them around.  
 I got him a straw sippy cup because up until now he hasn't known how to use a straw.  I was super impressed when he picked up the cup and actually got some water out!
Happy Easter little guy!!
It's hard to believe that the next holiday (other than Memorial Day) will be Pearson's 1st Birthday.

Let the party planning begin!!


Micah and Nicole said...

Kaden only liked the eggs he could shake too!!

Cassidy said...

Savannah has the same duckie outfit as your niece!! Too cute!! Happy Easter!

fancyashstyle said...

I am putting Olivia's $$ in her bank too. I knew if I didn't it would be my sonic money as well. Ha!