Monday, November 11, 2013

10 on 10 (on the 11th) {november}

Last month I was like 10 days late, at least this month I'm just a day late!!

This is pretty much my fall maternity uniform: maternity shirt, maternity skinnies, non-maternity cardigan and a scarf.  Do you see my little bed head photo-bomber??

Pearson loves to play in the bathroom while I get ready.  He was so proud of his car carrier and choo-choo that he built this morning while I was getting ready for MOPS. 
We made the cutest chalkboard clothespins at MOPS today.

I swore I would always have a clutter free fridge, but Pearson comes home with the cutest things from school and I can't resist.  I originally said I would just have one thing up at a time and I would replace it as a new one came home, but they are all just too cute to take down.
Y'all my dishes were out of control today.  I HATE doing the dishes.  I'd rather scrub toilets or fold laundry than do the dishes. 
 I've been sitting in Nash's room admiring all the work we have gotten done lately!! This stinkin' bookshelf was a labor of love, but I absolutely love it now!!  I painted two coats of the wrong orange then had to prime it then painted two coats of the right orange.  Five coats later it's exactly how I wanted it.  Now I just need to get the shelves back in it.   I'm hoping to get some wall decor figured out soon so I can share the whole room with you!!
 Big brother has a new love for his rocker now that it's in Nash's room. 
 This kid can't keep his fingers out of his mouth these days. I'll be glad when his molars are all in and he drops that habit.
 Someone wanted to be just like Daddy and eat dinner without his shirt.  
 After I got dinner ready for the boys, I snuck out for a night with the girls for Bunco!!


Alisa said...

You are the most stylish pregnant woman I know. Wish I had looked that good when I was pregnant!
Love that P wanted to eat shirtless like his daddy.
The book shelves look awesome. Can't wait to see the final results of Nash's room.

Rachel Zimm said...

love you maternity "uniform" :)
Nash's room looks SO adorable from what you've shown so far!
love those chalkboard clips!

Unknown said...