Saturday, November 16, 2013

pearson {29 months}

I didn't do a very good job this month (or last month) keeping track of funny things you said and did.  I'll have to do better next month!! Here are a few little things I can remember

  • If we ask you if we can help you, your response is always "No, I help you"
  • I let you have juice boxes for the first time this month. Big mistake. You are obsessed and think you should have one everyday.  We ran out last week and I won't be buying anymore any time soon. 
  • You LOVE to sing songs but you do not like to perform for us. You sing the ABC's and Jesus Loves Me alot, but you are always buy yourself or where we can't see you.  You come home singing all sorts of songs from preschool.
  • Your favorite snack right now is hummus and pita chips.  You wake up some mornings asking for it.
  • We  turned your room into a "Big Boy Room". You are still in your crib but you have a little play area in your room now where the rocking chair used to be.  
  • We got Nash's bed and bedding all set up and sometimes when I put you down for a nap you tell me "No, dat bed."  You love to be in his room. 
  • Another phrase we here alot is "I dood dit" (I do it) or "My dood dit".
  • When sports are on the TV you usually say "Go Cowboys" or "Go Bay-Yer" (Baylor). Last week when Matt was getting really excited during a Baylor game, he looked at me and said "Daddy's so-wee" (silly).
  • You have started taking showers with us.  You think it is such a fun thing!
  • You won't let us change your diaper on the changing table anymore. You have to choose where you lay down now.  You are not interested in potty training at all and I am A-Okay with that.  I'm not ready for it.  After you poop, you promptly tell us "Diapa Change".
  • We have had to pretty much quit letting you watch TV.  It's such a battle with you after the show is over that it's not worth the 30 minutes of peace and quiet it give us to let you watch a show.  
  • You love to go to Chick-A-Way (Chick-fil-A) with Lolly & Pops on Tuesday mornings.  Some mornings when I ask you what you want for breakfast you tell me "Chick-A-Way wif Ya-Yi and Pops".
  • You still take a great 2-3 hour nap every day.  If it is not a school day you usually go down around 1pm. On school days you go down at 2pm and usually sleep until 5pm.  School wears you out. 
  • You have become an apple snob like your Mama! You never liked apples until I started offering you Honeycrisps. 
  • You have discovered that your pants have pockets and you call them your "Phone Pocket".
  • Anytime we pass a fire station you like to see if the fire trucks are out.  If the doors are closed I always say "Ah man, the doors are closed."  The other day as soon as we passed the station you said, "Ah man da doors are closed." It's so funny to hear you mimic what we say. 
  • You are talking in lots of sentences and phrases.  You amaze us with all that you can say now. You can really communicate well.  
  • At night when we say it's time to say our prayers you say "Talk to Jesus". You put your hands together and squint your eyes together where you can still see. Some days you will repeat after us and some days you won't.
  • A while back I told Pearson that he was going to have to start going tee-tee in the potty soon so we can give Baby Nash all of his diapers.  He quickly responded, "No.....Baby Nash go tee-tee in the potty."
  • You like to tell us what the weather is like each day (raining, windy, hot, cold, cloudy, dark).
  • All shirts with collars are coats to you.  When you wear a dress shirt you like to say "I handsome."
  • Funny words you say....
    • Smoo-Bee (Smoothie)
    • Tee-Bee (TV)
    • Ya-Wer (Water)
    • Bwank (Blankie)
    • Don't Truck (Dump Truck)
    • Es-Ta-Bater (Escavator)
    • Ro-Yer (Roller)
    • Yo-Gurk (Yogurt)


Alisa said...

So much fun reading this post. I got a kick out of him saying his daddy was silly yelling during ball games and that Baby Nash was the one who needed to tee tee in the potty not him!