Tuesday, November 05, 2013

shhhhh.....baby sleeping

This week on Dallas Mom's Blog we are doing a Sleep Series where a few of the contributors are sharing their experiences with sleep.
Yesterday I wrote a blog post titled "How I Got My Newborn to Sleep Through the Night at 10 Weeks."
Go check it out and tell me what you think.  

How did you get your newborn to sleep through the night?


Anonymous said...

Routine Routine Routine and consistency for sure. Since I was going back to work I was determine to have my little guy on a schedule so I first read "Babywise" which taught me about schedules and why they are good. After i understood the importance of schedules i read "Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child" recommended by my sister (whose kids are fantastic sleepers). I admit I probably got a bit (ALOT) caught up in the Feed-Wake-Sleep and Wake-Feed-Sleep schedule stuff. Now that I have had my second I realize I was probably a bit crazed. Then again I have since realized that my first was a bit colicky compared to my second who has been sleeping through the night since the day he was born (literally). There is no doubt that each baby is different, but I will also state that as a mom you are SO much more confident and laid back with your subsequent children. Raising E has been a cakewalk in comparison to L but I chalk that up to my experience level as a mom (it doesn't hurt that E is just an easy going happy baby). Bottom line is just be consistent and develop a routine. Babies will follow suit when they know what to expect.

Julie said...

I thought about you and your posts of babies sleeping through the nights last night when Audrey went 7 hours and 45 minutes before eating! I fed her at 7:20, and she only ate about 1 3/4 oz, so I thought I was going to be up before I really wanted to be, but I woke up at 2:30 and she was still sleeping! By 2:45, she was starting to wake up so I went ahead and fed her before it turned to full-blown crying, but that was almost 8 full hours (at 8 weeks old). The night before she went 7 hours before waking up to eat again, so we're definitely heading in the right direction! By 10 weeks, hopefully she'll make it a full 12 hours :)

Julie said...

Oh, and we also follow routines and kind of do Baby Wise. I tried following it more strictly and having her on a strict schedule, but it just didn't work for us, but I do still follow the pattern of eat/wake/sleep, and at bedtime we have a routine that we started around 2 weeks old that we've never strayed from of bottle, burp, change diaper, book, pray, swaddle, bed. Sometimes her afternoon naps don't go as scheduled, but I haven't had a problem with her going down at nighttime in a VERY long time! It's pretty nice to gain back all that sleep I lost during my last few weeks of pregnancy and her first couple weeks of life!