Saturday, November 16, 2013

surprise sleepover

My friend Jenica was due to have her little boy on December 15th.  A few weeks ago we talked about a back up plan if she went into labor before her family got in town.  I let her know that she could call us night or day and we would take their little two year old in as our own until her family could come get her.

Well, last night I got a phone call from Jenica at 4am.  She was in labor.  Their sweet little girl came over in the middle of the night so her Mommy and Daddy could go to the hospital.  She did awesome!!  She slept in Baby Nash's room on her little nap mat.  When Pearson woke up he was so happy to see his friend.  Matt had already left to go play Top Golf with his guy friends so the little watched some cartoons in bed while I got ready for the day.  
 I texted Jenica to check in around 8am and much to my surprise Baby Jaxon had already been born at 6:02am.  
From her first contraction to the birth of the baby it was 3 hours.  I'm so glad we had a back up plan for Brynn to stay with us!! After I told Brynn the news that she was a big sister, we decided to bust out the birthday cakes and candles and make cupcakes for Jaxon.  They were so cute singing Happy Birthday to Jaxon!!
 The funny thing about all of this is that we had a Diaper Shower planned at my house this morning for Jenica.  All the Mommies and kiddos were coming over to play and shower Baby Jaxon while the Daddies played at Top Golf.  Obviously Jenica didn't make it to her shower, but we still had the shower and Big Sister Brynn represented the family!!  Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of the shower.  The kids kept us pretty busy, plus it was quite crazy with all the toys strewn about the living room!!  

After a long day full of lots of playing, Brynn's grandma came and picked her up around 4pm.  They were both absolutely pooped when she left.  We had a fun day playing with our sweet friend Brynn and having our first {surprise} sleepover.  
 It's crazy to think that the next baby to be born in our ABF is ours!!  Here's to hoping Nash stays a February baby and doesn't decide to surprise us in January!!


Alisa said...

How nice that you could help your friend out and Pearson could enjoy some time with a friend.

Alisa said...

Also I must say that Jaxon does not look like he was a month early! He knew when he was was ready to come into this world even if his mom's OB was fooled by the little guy!