Sunday, November 10, 2013

baby no. 2 {25 weeks}

how far along? 25 weeks
how are you measuring? I'll find out at our appointment on Tuesday.
size of baby? size of a cauliflower
heartbeat? 156 bpm (at our 21 week appointment) 
total weight gain/loss? 12lbs
maternity clothes? I'm pretty much wearing all maternity clothes now. 
stretch marks? No new ones. And no dark line under my belly button yet!!
sleep? I've only been waking up once a night to go to the bathroom, but I get up ever few hours to switch sides.  Charlie Horses wakes me up in the middle of the night sometimes too.  
best moment this week? Having a week at home with my little man with not very many things on our calendar.  My Mom and Mother in Law and I had a work day on Thursday.  We finished all of Nash's bedding!! I also re-painted the bookshelf and I'm extremely pleased with how it turned out.  Now I just need some wall decor!
movement? Yes! He moves alot in the evening.  
food cravings? Chai Tea Lattes.  I can't get enough of them.  I have one almost every morning during the week.  Pearson calls it my hot milk.  I am also loving Honeycrisp apples and roasted garlic hummus with pita chips. 
gender predictions? BOY!!!! Nash Matthew Link
what i miss? Sleeping on my back.
what i'm looking forward to? My dr's appointment this week.  It should be my last appointment where i have to go 4 weeks in between.
how are you feeling? The cramp that I have been getting in my butt has gotten worse this week. It's especially bad in the middle of the night.  Some night I wake up and I literally have to limp to the bathroom because I'm in so much pain.  If I switch sides and sleep on the side that doesn't hurt it goes away.  I'm also having a hard time catching my breath.  I feel like I have to take deep breaths all the time to catch up with my self.   
comparisons to last pregnancy? My Charlie Horses aren't near as bad as they were with Pearson.  With Pearson I would have to get out of bed to stand up and stretch the cramp out.  I can always get them to go away in bed with Nash.  

Here I am 25 weeks with Pearson and 25 weeks with Nash.