Sunday, January 05, 2014

baby no. 2 {33 weeks}

how far along? 33 weeks
how are you measuring? measuring right on track
size of baby? size of a pineapple
heartbeat? 144bpm (at our 32 week appointment) 
total weight gain/loss? 28lbs
maternity clothes? Oh ya!!
stretch marks? I haven't seen any new ones this time.  They didn't show up until the very end with Pearson so I'm guess they'll make their appearance in the next few weeks. 
sleep? I had one really awful night where I was up 5 times to go to the bathroom and very uncomfortable but the last three nights I have had the best nights of sleep I have had in a while.  All three of those nights I only got up once in the night to go to the bathroom.  
best moment this week? Completing a few little projects in Nash's room and the nesting has FINALLY kicked in.  We are in full "Get ready for Nash mode" over here.
movement? Yep! He moves a ton!!
food cravings? Panera Bread
gender predictions? BOY!!!! Nash Matthew Link
what i miss? I miss feeling good in the evenings.  I usually feel pretty good throughout the day, but by dinner time I'm really hurting, tired and having lots of Braxton Hicks contractions.  I hate that all my time with Matt I'm hurting and constantly complaining about it. 
what i'm looking forward to? Finishing Nash's room and revealing it!!  I have a plan for all the wall decor, I just need to get it all done in the next few weeks.
how are you feeling? This week had been so weird.  Sunday through Wednesday I had my normal belly pain each afternoon/evening.  I slept terrible NYE night getting up 5 times to go to the bathroom and when I finally woke up for the day at 6:30 I just felt so different.  I felt like Nash was kicking me really low in my belly and I couldn't stop peeing.  I swear I peed every 15 minutes all day long for two days straight.  It seems early, but I'm pretty sure he has dropped.  My belly just feels lower (like their is more space between my belly and boobs), I'm needing to go to the bathroom way more often during the day, and I'm just starting to get more uncomfortable.  But the crazy thing is since "he's dropped" I've had little to no belly pain......maybe it's all gone.  However, I'm still dealing with lots of Braxton Hicks contractions in the evening and then pain in my butt at night from my sciatic nerve.  Fun times!! Like I said, I don't know for sure that he has dropped, but I have definitely felt different this week.  I'm sure hoping he's not trying to be a January baby because we've got lots of things to do before his arrival.  
comparisons to last pregnancy? I've been measuring right on track at every doctor's appointment.  I was always 2 weeks ahead with Pearson.  We have a sonogram at 36 weeks so we'll get a better estimate of how he is measuring then.  Looking back at my old posts, I noticed that my belly pain stopped at 31 weeks.  I'm hoping that it will be over with Nash soon too.  

Here I am 33 weeks with Pearson and 33 weeks with Nash