Thursday, January 30, 2014

girl's day

After I dropped my little monkey off at school today, I met my Mom, sister in law, and niece at the nail salon.  
Mom had a gift certificate that was expiring tomorrow so she asked us to join us in a little spa treatment.  We didn't mind since all their services were 30% off!! 
 I was absolutely amazed at how well Olivia did getting her manicure.  She didn't move a muscle the entire time. She was a perfect little angel.  All of the ladies were eating her up.  I'm sure she felt so special getting the royal treatment and lots of attention.  
 Ashley and I just got manicures, but Mom got a pedicure too!  When Olivia was all done she had to go show Lolly her pretty pink nail polish.  
One of my New Year's Resolutions (in 2013) was to quit biting my nails and although I didn't officially complete it 2012, I can officially say that I have quit biting my nails.   They are all finally grown out, so today was a much deserved manicure!! Now if I can just keep them this way!!  


Alisa said...

What a fun time! Olivia looked precious. You will have lovely hands to hold your precious Nash with when he enters the outside world.

Julie said...

How fun! My niece has been coming with my mom, sister, and me when we get pedicures since she was about 3 or 4, and she always loves it! I can't wait until Audrey's old enough to accompany us on our girls' outing! Glad y'all had a special day out :)