Wednesday, January 22, 2014

#thelinkhomeeveryday2014 {week 3}

I'm loving how easy this project has been since I have the freedom to take a picture of whatever I want. I also love how it's kind of like a week in review.  I'm trying to take pictures that really reflect each of our days.  

{Day 15}
We spent the day going through all of Pearson's old clothes and washing them to get the ones that had stains magically appear while they were in the attic.  So frustrating, but I'm happy to report that most of the stains came out.  

{Day 16}
 Around 4:30/5:00 my body totally poops out on me and I am just flat out exhausted.  If Pearson is still napping I like to go sit in the chair in Nash's room and pray for little love.  

{Day 17}
Dad came over to help hang some stuff up in Nash's room.  Pearson was mesmerized with all of Pop's tools.  He kept saying "What is da?t" or "What's Pops doooooing?".

 {Day 18}
I came home with a trunk load of diapers from my diaper shower on Saturday.  Such a blessing!!

 {Day 19}
When the sun gets in Pearson's eyes he says "I hurt my eyes".  He's just recently started wanting to wear his sunglasses.  He hasn't quite mastered how to get them on correctly. 

{Day 20}
Lunch with Pops and Daddy at Pei Wei.  This kiddo ate the heck out of my rice!!

 {Day 21}
I think it's funny that there is an expiration date on Girl Scout cookies.  Do anybody's ever actually last that long.  I'm not even going to admit how fast this box was eaten.  


Sara @ The Crazy Cozads said...

We buy an abundance of girl scout cookies, put them in the freezer and enjoy them all year!

Lindsay said...

Ugh those yellow attic stains drove me crazy when we did that for Emma!! I found that OxyClean worked the best on them. I can't wait to see Nash's room...I'm loving the little peeks!

Erica Ladwig said...

I don't understand the stains that pop up either! And we keep Madelyn's clothes in her closet and they still get stains! Glad that all of yours came out!

Darci said...

I cannot wait for Nash's nursery reveal!

PS I love this photo challenge too, so simple to stick to!