Sunday, January 12, 2014

baby no. 2 {34 weeks}

how far along? 34 weeks
how are you measuring? measuring right on track
size of baby? size of a cantaloupe
heartbeat? 144bpm (at our 32 week appointment) 
total weight gain/loss? 29lbs
maternity clothes? Yep! I'm so glad I invested in two pairs of skinny jeans because I have lived in them this pregnancy.  They have definitely been my favorite thing to wear this go round.  
stretch marks? Two little stretch marks showed up this week.  One above my belly button and one on the side of my belly button. With Pearson I just got a few on the side of my belly so I guess I'm just stretching in different places this time.  Oh well, I'm not too concerned about them because I know the one's from Pearson faded and even if they don't I know they are totally worth it!!
sleep? I have actually been sleeping really good this week.  It's just interrupted by 3-4 bathroom trips.  Thankfully I can fall asleep easily after each trip though.  The only bad part is that when I wake up to get out of bed my sciatic nerve bothers me really bad and I have to practically limp to the bathroom.  I moan and groan as I get back into bed and all positioned and then I'm good to go as long as I don't move.  I literally wake up in the same position each time because it hurts my sciatic nerve too bad to move while I sleep.  
best moment this week? Winning a FREE Newborn Photography Session from Brooke Richardson Photography worth $500!! And my Mom and designed and made lots of cute little onesies and gowns for Nash to wear in the hospital.  He's gonna be decked out with personalized stuff thanks to Tried and True Designs.
movement? Yep! He moves a ton, especially right when I crawl into bed.  This week I swear he was trying to bust a hole out my side because he kept stretching out on my side.  He would just leave his little feet stretched out and it would look like I had a tumor growing on my side until I pushed him back in.  Silly boy!!!
food cravings? Ice cold milk. I always drink ice in my milk, so that's not weird, but I have been drinking a glass every morning and every evening.  Plus I am still loving my Chai Tea Lattes so we are going through a gallon of milk in like 3 days.  
gender predictions? BOY!!!! Nash Matthew Link
what i miss? Being able to bend over and tie my sure.  My belly is really starting to get in the way.  But I wouldn't trade this time for anything in the world.  I'm so blessed to be carrying this little boy. 
what i'm looking forward to? Going to IKEA this week and hopefully getting the finishing touches bought for Nash's room.  I am also having a diaper shower on Saturday given to me by my ABF and we are having family/maternity pictures done next Sunday.  Lots of exciting stuff going on this week!!
how are you feeling? This week has been pretty good.  Not too much to complain about.  My belly pain was very very minimal.  I think I only had it once in the evening this week and it wasn't near as bad as it had been.  Still having lots of Braxton Hicks contractions (mainly in the evening) but I'm totally used to that now.   
comparisons to last pregnancy? I keep thinking I had more done with Pearson at this point, but looking back at my old blog posts, I still wasn't finished with Pearson's nursery at this point.  I guess I feel behind because at this point with Pearson I was telling myself I still had 6 weeks left and with Nash I only have 5 weeks left. 

Here I am 34 weeks with Pearson and 34 weeks with Nash