Wednesday, February 17, 2010

calling all chocoholics

If you like chocolate.... are going to love this dessert!!

Death By Chocolate
1 box of brownie mix
1 large or 2 small boxes of chocolate instant pudding mix
1 lg. Cool Whip
Heath Toffe Bits

Bake brownies according to package directions. Cool. Make instant pudding according to package directions. Crumble half of the brownies into a glass bowl. Spread half of the pudding on top of the crumbled brownies. Sprinkle toffee bits on top of the pudding. Spread half of the Cool Whip on top of the candy bars. Repeat layers and finish with remaining toffee bits on top.
I love bringing this dessert to parties because not only is it super easy to make, it's always a huge hit. And I think it's looks so pretty in a trifle bowl!!



Laura said...

This is one of my favorites! My mom has always added kaluhua to it for a bit more flavor, but it's fabulous either way. :)

The Mosiers said...

Looks amazing!! Definitely going to have to give this one a try! Made your lasagna roll-ups this week. Big hit with my boys!