Friday, February 05, 2010

make-up products

{Favorite Make-Up Products}

I'm not an expensive make-up girl. I like a light feeling make-up with good coverage that stays on all day, but I don't like to spend a lot on my make-up. And I like to keep it simple.

Here's what is in my makeup bag.....

Avon Smooth Minerals Foundation
This is the exact same foundation as Bare Minerals but much cheaper. I used Bare Minerals for a couple of years, until I discovered Avon's Smooth Minerals. I personally like Avon's foundation better. I think it stays on longer. Avon is selling this foundation and Kabuki brush for $9.99 on their website right now. You would have to pay $28 for Bare Minerals foundation and another $28 for a Bare Minerals Kabuki brush. What a rip off!

Avon Smooth Minerals Blush
Again, same story as the foundation. I used to use Bare Minerals Blush, until I found Avon. Same stuff, just cheaper! The blush is on $9.99 and it last forever.
(Just so you know, I don't use this color, I use a much deeper color.)

Cover Girl Volume Exact Mascara
I've been using this mascara ever since it came out. I've tried some of their new ones, but I just love this one. And, I love that Cover Girl puts $1-$2 off coupons in the newspaper all the time. I try to stock up on mascara when they are Buy One Get One Free, because then I use 2 coupons and get them for really cheap!

Cover Girl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner

I'm pretty sure I've been using this eyeliner since the 7th grade! Ha! I like it and it's cheap!!

Ulta Eyeshadow
I love this eyeshadow. They have so many color choices. Ulta always sends out $3 of a $10 purchase coupons, so I always stock up on new colors when they are Buy 2 Get 2 Free.

I told you I am a pretty simple girl when it comes to make-up.

What is in your make-up bag?


Lesli said...

I am a Bare Minerals girl!! I didn't even know Avon had the mineral makeup.. My mom buys Avon all the time so I will have to get some so I can try it out.. Thanks for the info!! I use maybelline mascara and I love it!! Thanks for sharing, I hope you have a great weekend. I love your blog, the design is fabulous!!


Amy said...

I never knew Avon made mineral makeup either -- I will have to try it! ~ I usually use Bare Minerals, and literally just ran out of my foundation color, and was dreading having to go buy new!

The Aggie Gardners said...

I use Mary Kay's mineral everything...but I "sell" it. I'm a consultant but use mary kay just for the discount. But all the mineral make up is great!

Lolly said...

Katy, Kroger has great everyday prices on our mascara, plus I use the coupons also. I think they have the best price unless CVS or Walgreens puts theirs on sale.

Lauren Roberson said...

So glad to hear about Avon! I am just about to run out of my Bare Minerals, too. What color in Avon do you get? I think our skin tones are about the same...I use 'fairly light' in the Bare Minerals. Thanks!