Saturday, February 06, 2010

i'm sorry mrs. jackson

I just saw that I never posted this. It's been sitting in my "edit posts" tab as a draft for quite some time now. Some of these pictures are priceless. They have to be seen!!

For Labor Day 2009 we all went over to the LeBlanc's house. We stayed entertained the entire evening with some Family Karaoke.

Bryan was a pro!!
Stan didn't feel the need to stand up while singing!
I was determined to get a perfect score on "Do, Re, Mi" from Sound of Music.
I literally sang the song like 5 times.
I even tried singing "Do, Re, Mi" as a duet with my Mother in Law.
I never got a perfect score though.
Jennifer belting it out.
Alisa singing her heart out!
Little Miss Ellie sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" beautifully.
The reason this post is titled "I'm Sorry Mrs. Jackson" is because my husband and I sang that song as our duet.
When it got to the really fast rap part, my husband sang every word of it. it was hilarious!! I was laughing so hard that I couldn't start singing again!!
What a fun night!!


Nicole LeBlanc said...

such a fun night...matt singing that song was priceless!

(or Mom!) said...

I look like I'm hurt while I'm singing...or was that the sound coming out of my mouth that was hurting everyone's ears!??!!