Thursday, February 11, 2010

snow wonder

It's "snow" wonder we didn't get anything done at school today!!

We were a little distracted by the snow.

Our principal told us we couldn't go outside and play in the snow because he didn't want our kids to get their clothes wet. I just couldn't resist though. I rebelled and took my kids out for a quick trip to play in the snow.

We "tasted" the snow....
....took a quick group picture, minus a few.....
.....threw a few snowballs....
.....then we headed back inside to work.

Ha!! Ya right!!

We got very little work was done today. We worked really hard until about noon, but then we watched Snow Buddy instead of doing our afternoon work!!

After school our principal invited all the teachers kids to come outside and have a snowball fight. It was so funny seeing all the kids throw snowballs at him!!
I'm glad school wasn't cancelled today because it was "snow" much fun spending the day with my kiddos.

I'm hoping for no school tomorrow so I can spend the day with my hubby!!


Grannalisa said...

I see a VERY CUTE little blond headed boy in one of your pics!! Of course Chandler's granna would notice him right away!! :)