Wednesday, February 10, 2010

who me??

If it's really cold or rainy outside, I like to take Izzie over to my parent's house so she doesn't have to be in her crate all day. When I picked her up the other day, my Mom showed me a few pictures from the day.

I'm going to give Izzie a chance to explain herself.

Here's her side of the story......'s how it happened.

Shasta showed me this really cool bear.

I started playing with it and she got mad that I took it from her.

She ripped it out of my mouth and then ripped it to shreds.

I tried to put it back together before Lolly saw it.
Shasta wouldn't even help me. She just sat there.
I couldn't get it back together so I just gave up.
I promise. It wasn't me.
Just look at me. I weight 11 lbs and Shasta weighs 95 lbs. Do you really I did it??


Alicia said...

HAHA that is awesome! I love the face she gave you... mommy i didn't do it sort of thing! Puppies have such great personalities!

Meaghan said...

oh my! what a mess! so cute ; )

Lolly said...

Very cute. Izzie's story is probably "mostly" true! I bet Izzie showed the bear to Shasta first. Shasta then did the major damage & then Izzie took over. You forgot to tell about Shasta being the big tattle tale.