Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the tooth fairy

The tooth fairy came to visit all the Kindergartners this week to talk to them about dental health. They kids were super excited to see her. After Christmas, they all start loosing their teeth, so the tooth fairy is a big deal to them. After she did her talk about taking care of your teeth, she let the kids ask questions.

One of the questions was...

"What do you do with all the teeth?"

Her answer was....

"Well, I live in a shiny white castle built with all your shiny teeth. That's why it's important to keep your clean. If you don't keep them shiny and clean, my castle won't be shiny and clean."

Am I the only one who has NEVER heard this before??

Maybe I never heard this because I always left a note telling the tooth fairy that I she needed to leave my tooth under my pillow because my Mom collected my teeth. Hah!!


Kerri said...

When I did my dental health unit last year in first grade I read the kids the book Tooth Fairy by Audrey Wood (pretty sure that's the one). The whole story is about how the tooth fairy makes her house out of the prettiest teeth.