Thursday, February 18, 2010

iPod valentines

When school was cancelled last Friday, I got a little extra time to put together Valentines for my kiddos. I was originally just giving them a box of Sweethearts, but when I saw this idea on the internet, I knew I had to make them!!

Here's what you'll need to make your own....
Box of Conversation Hearts
Pink or Red Paper
Hershey's Kisses
iPod Patterns
Sticky Labels w/ Message of your Choice
Rubber Cement
Hot Glue Gun

Cut paper into 4x7 pieces. Spread rubber cement on the entire sheet of paper. Place the Sweethearts in the center if the paper.
Wrap the rest of the paper around the box pressing hard so the glue will stick.
Download the iPod pieces here, cut and glue onto the front of the box.
Cut two pieces of string, one 1ft long and the other 2 ft long. Tie the short sting onto the middle of the long sting to make a "Y" shape. Hot glue the Hershey's Kisses onto the strings.
Lay the string that does not have the Hershey's Kisses on it, on the back of the box.
Cover the string with the Sticky label.
And there you have it....iPod Valentines!!
I can't wait to give them to my kids tomorrow at our party. They are going to love them!!


Lolly said...

So cute! When you were telling me I missed the part about the ear pieces. They are all going to be sticking those in their ears! Have fun at the party!

Alisa said...

Such a cute idea. Your students are going to love them!

The Lipman's said...

These are SO cute!

Alicia said...

This seriously is the cutest idea I have ever seen and I cannot wait to use this sometime in years to come. You are super creative!