Tuesday, July 13, 2010

give a dog a bone

'I had to take Izzie to the vet early last week because she has been licking her paw incessantly.  Izzie hates going to the vet.  She hides under the chair until the vet comes in the room.  
Come to find out Izzie has bad allergies, and for some reason dogs lick their paws when they have allergies.  It has turned this golden brown color and just look awful.  The doctor told me we had to break the itch cycle, so he put her on a steroid, Benedryl, fatty acids and they told me to put and e collar on her.  He said a combination of all four of these things will get her to stop licking and let her paw heal.  

Poor thing.  She just hasn't been herself since I started her on all the medicine.  I don't think she has barked in a week.  She has been doing alot of sleeping lately.
The Benedryl makes her so sleepy.  I hate giving it to her because it just wipes out her personality.  It's working though, so I feel like I need to continue until her paw is healed.  The steroid that she is taking makes her SO thirsty.  She normally drinks about one bowl of water a day, now she is drinking 4-5 bowls of water a day.  Because she is drinking so much, it's make her have to go to the bathroom a lot more.  She is potty trained and always asked to go outside when she needs to, but this week she has been having accidents because I don't think she realizes when she needs to go or how often she needs to go.  And she won't bark to tell me to open the door.  It's just pitiful.  I haven't put the e-collar on her yet.  I just can't do it.  She is already going through enough with all the other medicines.  She isn't licking her paw, so I don't see the need for it.  

To cheer her up a bit I bought some Milkbones that have fatty acids in them. 
(fatty acids are good for her skin) 
She absolutely loved it.  
I thought it was so cute how she held it in between her paws.  
I'm so glad that a little bone cheered her up for a bit.
I'll be glad when she is back to her normal self.
I miss my playful puppy.
Get well soon Izzie girl!!


Alicia said...

Poor little girl! I hope she feels better soon! I hate when the pups aren't their cute perky selves. Get better Izzie girl!

Brandi Gail said...

AHHH! Poor Izzie..:( she is SOO cute! I hope she gets better too! We had to our sweet Maggie Mae on seizure meds last year and I was very scared that we would not have the same sweet Maggie, but luckily she has the same personality! She does sleep more, so we are really lucky! I hope she can come off the meds soon!

Sara @ The Crazy Cozads said...

Lulu has allergies as well! Poor sweet pups! Hope Izzie gets well soon!

Lolly said...

Maybe she need to come play with Shasta, her sister? Cousin? Friend? Aunt? Whatever!!!

Lolly said...


Alisa said...

I hate to hear my granddoggy has not been feeling well. Poor Izzie...hope the meds work and she's her playful self very soon.

Evan and Nicole said...

She is soo cute! Makes me miss having a dog around. I grew up with a poodle named Stormy :)