Tuesday, July 27, 2010

summer school

Nine hours (7am-4pm) of summer school summer school is just wrong. 

You know is too long when kids are falling asleep all throughout the day.
It's just pitiful. 

At one point I had 6 of my 12 kids passed out on the floor.
Only 8 more days of these crazy long summer school days!!

When real school starts, I will definitely appreciate my 7:30-2:30 days!!


Unknown said...

Why in the world is summer school so long for such little kids?? I've taught summer school in my district and it's only half a day. Those poor little babies; even I would be exhausted after that.

Tammy said...

I'm sorry summer school is so long! It must be hard on you and those sleepy kids! Can you just grade them on their napping skills? These kids must have a great teacher who lets them sleep in class. I would have loved to have you as a teacher!