Sunday, February 20, 2011

are you an amazon mom?

I am!!

I just joined this week and I got some super deals on diapers and wipes.  Earlier in the week I bought a box of 84 diapers (regularly $26.99) for $9.39 and a box of 720 wipes (regularly $25.00) for $11.51.  I thought I got a great deal, until I stumbled across some new coupons and got an even better deal.  Last night, I bought the same box of diapers for $1.51 and the same box of wipes for $1.71.  

I have to share how I got them for such a good deal.  I can't believe you can get diapers and wipes for so cheap delivered straight to your house!!'

Step 1: Set up an Amazon account here if you don't already have one.

Step 2: Join Amazon Mom here. You can read FAQ's here to learn more about Amazon Mom here.

Step 3:  Sign up for FREE magazines.  Go here to sign up for Baby Talk and American Baby.  Almost every magazine has a 20% off diapers coupon and lately I have been getting $10 off any Amazon Baby Store item coupon.  Coupons look like this....

 I also have a free subscription to Parents Magazine and Parenting Magazine, but they are not offering them anymore.  If you are willing to pay for the magazine subscriptions, you can get 3 years of Parents Magazine for $12.00 here and 3 years of Parenting Magazine for $12.00 here.   

Step 4: Buy wipes!!  Here is a link to a post explaining how to get the super deal.

Step 5:  Buy diapers!!  Here is a link to a post explaining how to get the super deal.  You can change the size of the diaper if you want.  The newborn size is just the best deal.  Remember you can stack a $10 off coupon with a 20% off coupon.  You just have to do the $10 off coupon first. 

Step 6:  After your order has arrived, you need to cancel your subscription so you don't continue to receive your order delivered each month.  To cancel your subscription, click on "Your Account" at the top right.  Under "More Order Actions" click on "Manage Subscribe & Save Items".  Click on cancel this subscription for the items that you wish to cancel.  

**Disclaimer:  I am by no means an "Amazon Mom Expert".  Heck, I'm not even a Mom yet!!  I'm new at all this and I'm still learning all about Amazon Mom.  This is just my experience with Amazon so far.  If you have any advice on buying diapers, I'd love it and if you have any questions about my post, please feel free to ask.  

As of right now, per your advice (and friends on facebook and real life), I'm going to go with Pampers diapers. Hopefully Pearson's little bottom agrees with them because I'm already getting a good stockpile build up!! As far as wipes go, I've heard wipes are wipes, just get what you can get for cheap.  I probably won't build up quite as much of a stockpile on wipes as I am on diapers, because I don't want them to dry out.   

 Alright....Go become an Amazon Mom!!


Christi Foust said...

My SIL also figured outthid amazon cheat and we have saved ton as well. Just wanted to share that I do love pampers diapers and I too thought there was no difference in wipes. However, when I switch off of pampers sensitive Trenton always gets a rash. I'm sure other sensitive ones would be fine too ive just used coupons and stuck with pampers. Not to say any ole wipe won't be great for you just FYI! Hope all is going well!

Christi Foust said...

Sorry for all the typos! Typing on my phone at 5:40am! I forgot to mention that I was referring to sensitive wipes! The diapers haven't seem to bother him but I've heard pampers sensitive diapers are good as well.

Sarah Baker said...

I've stocked up on wipes and have never had them dry out since most come in ziplock bags. Just don't open every bag :).

Brian and Jessica Ross said...

I know I mentioned this on your other post but with the Subscribe & Save through Amazon, mag coupons, and swagbucks, I never spend over $15 for a HUGE box of diapers. The great thing is that the amazon gift codes you earn through swagbucks can be used in conjunction with the mag coupons. I plan on blogging about swagbucks this week but you can learn more at :-)

oh, and good choice on Pampers :-) They still haven't done me wrong and we're almost to the 5 mo mark!

Tristan said...

I'm a bit overwhelmed. I'm trying to follow the steps for this. I need to wait until the magazines come in to buy diapers right? To use the coupons? Also the link in step 5 no longer works. Any ideas on what to do? I just want to get these great deals!