Tuesday, January 04, 2011

huggies vs. pampers

Calling all Mommies.....
I'm starting my stockpile on diapers, but I'm not sure which brand to buy.
Which brand of diapers do you prefer??

I've heard Pampers are better for girls and Huggies are better for boy.  Is that true?

I've also heard you can get better deals on Huggies.  Is that true?

What kind of diapers do you prefer and why??

I would love to hear your opinion.  


Cara Carroll said...

I LOVE{D} Pampers for my boys :) I started using them with Landon because all my friends with boys said those were the best boy diapers. Someone bought us a pack of Huggies and Landon leaked right out of them every.time. Then we just got in the habit of picking up Pampers after that and Grant is still wearing them :)
I can't wait to find out what you're having!! Your bitty bump is too cute! Loving all the updates!

Chaos and Coffee said...

Hey Katy, my name is Michelle and I have been following your blog for awhile now off the Cureton's blog (my husband and Kory were roommates at A&M)
Anyways, I have 2 girls and I hands down recommend the Pampers. Huggies are cheaper and the coupons for are always easier to find but Pampers in my opinion hold up so much better and I have tried them all. An idea to help you stock up was my husband had a Papa's Poker Party and the "buy in" was a package of diapers. I made snacks and they played cards and hung out and we got a ton of diapers...so much we didn't even have to buy diapers until she was almost 4 months old. I so enjoy reading your blog and wish you all the best with your pregnancy.

Gina said...

Agree with the previous commenter. Before S was born, I bought a case of Huggies on amazon (using amazon mom discounts which I'm sure your deal savvy self is already well aware of). He leaked right through them. He's got the skinniest little legs, in Huggies defense, but we haven't had that problem with Pampers. My hospital also used Pampers. I also really like target brand so far and their shelf price is generally 20-30% cheaper before store coupons... One other thought- i have no brand preference with wipes, but can always find of better deal with Huggies... That's just my 2 cents :)

Sarah B. said...

Hi Katy, my name is Sarah and I have followed your blog recently off the Johnson & Johnson blog. Congratulations on expecting!! I have a 17 month old boy and have preferred Pampers (baby dry and swaddler when he was a newborn) hands down over Huggies. He leaked out the sides on the Huggies when he was real small. He also developed a rash at first. The size 3 Huggies did ok and didn't cause a rash, but the Pampers seem softer.

I bought diapers at diapers.com (cheaper and bigger boxes than Wal-Mart, but not as cheap as Costco if you have a membership) and you get free 2 day shipping on orders over $49. Then I signed up for Amazon Mom and in the Parenting magazines (free) there is usually a coupon for 20% off diapers at Amazon.com and you also get free 2 day shipping.

I usually use Huggies wipes. They have been cheaper, and I have had more coupons for Huggies wipes than Pampers. I also used the Sam's brand of wipes and loved them but haven't bought anymore since I dont have a Sam's membership.

I hated the Wal-Mart brand of diapers... I gave them away - they were like paper.

If you haven't heard of Boogie Wipes, check them out. For runny noses, they are great for little kids. They work better than tissues and my boy doesn't seem to mind having his nose wiped with them at all.

Best wishes!

Tigert Tales said...


It is so funny to hear everyone's opinion on diapers. I used Pampers swaddlers with Stone until he was in a size 3, and then switched to their Baby Dry diapers. He wore Pampers until he was out of diapers. We always seemed to have blow outs in Huggies.
I figured with Rowan we would use Pampers, and we did for a while. I love the Swaddlers. We switched over the Baby Dry with her at a size 2, and decided I didn't like them after a few uses. Her pants would end up damp after a few hours, so we have switched to Huggies with her. I think each kid is so different, and their body shape plays a huge part in which diaper fits.

Kymberly said...

hi kate!! I completely agree with everyone! I tried Huggies one time with William, and it was not a good situation - leaking, etc. everywhere! We use Pampers Swaddlers, and they are great! There are coupons almost every Sunday in the paper and online. Pampers sensitive wipes are also great- they are much, much softer than Huggies. email me if you have any more questions about anything!! THANK YOU SO MUCH For the bag- sooo cute!!! Also, I think you are having a girl!
love kymie

Meredith - Mama of FOUR! said...

So call me granola (and its ok, you wouldnt be the first to do so :-)), but we absolutely adore Seventh Generation diapers. Originally, we bought them because they didnt have all the chemicals and bleach in other diapers, but I am serious, they are 100% the best diaper around. While they are brown in color, they absorb so well and never leak. We use to be a Pamper's family, but since they "revised" them and put some new 'dry max' technology in them, I swear they sag sooo bad. Just buy ONE box of Seventh Generation Diapers (Diapers.com), and you will never go back. You can even contact the company, and they will send you a sample. Good luck on this all-important decision in parenting! :-)

Andrea said...

Hi Katy, we use Pampers Swaddlers for Dayton. We haven't had any problems with leaking and have had only one blow out, but that was more due to operator error than the actual diaper. :) If you do choose Pampers over other brands, I would whole heartedly recommend the Swaddlers over Baby Dry even though they are a little bit more expensive. The Baby Dry diapers sort of feel like a plastic grocery sack and did not seem to be as absorbent. I don't have any comments on Huggies as we have never tried them.

Unknown said...

I don't have any suggestion on this, but I was curious. Since I don't need diaper coupons I will pass on any Pampers coupons that I get (since that seems to be the preferred brand). I am learning so much from your pregnancy!

The Gann's said...

Katy... I love Pampers. I had a diaper party and I got TONS of them. I also got some random huggies and I have not had the best luck with them... but it may just be me! Also... Lauren said she loves the Target brand. She said she use to be a "diaper snob" and only wanted brand name... but then tried the Target brand and Loves them! JUST FYI since I know you love a good deal!!

joannalee said...

Hi! I clicked on your blog from somebody else's... first of all congrats on growing a sweet little baby!
My first experience with Pampers and Huggies was with my first baby, a girl. I LOVED Pampers, they were softer and would hold everything in whereas the Huggies always leaked. The only reason I used the Huggies was because they were given to me free. After they ran out all I bought was Pampers.
With my second child, a boy, I used Pampers at first, but then switched to cloth which I loved. He's 17 mos now and I recently switched to chlorine-free 7th generation brand which is really great-- good for baby's skin and absorbent too!

Lindsay said...

Hi Katy...I found your blog through Cara's. I had to comment b/c I've had the same question. I'm due around the same time as you...June 17. Congrats on your baby!

Lindsay said...

I'd love the info! my email is lindsayrosewoods@gmail.com


Ally said...

I am laughing reading the other comments because I actually prefer Huggies. I've always heard that Huggies are better for boys and Pampers for girls. Pampers gave Micah really bad diaper rash so we always used Huggies with him so we just stuck with it with Laurel and have been happy!

Anonymous said...

I use to love Pampers until they recently switched to Dry Max. Please be careful with the new dry max diapers. I love pampers, however, my daughter is allergic to the dry max. She gets severe diaper rash every time she wears them. She wore pampers sensitive until they switched those to dry max. She now wears Huggies Snugglers or Luvs. Luvs is made by the same company that makes Pampers however they do not use the dry max technology. My daughter is 5 months old. I wouldn't buy too many of either until the baby gets here and you see how Baby Link reacts to them. :) Congratulations.

Unknown said...

You know I just started using them but after asking around I decided to get Pampers Swaddlers - then once at the hospital I realized that's what they use there too!! So far they have been fantastic and we love them!

ashley, kyle, clay, and avery said...

Hey Katy, I went to school with Matt (HS & Baylor) and love following your blog. I have two kiddos (boy & girl) and my little girl is still in diapers. I am unlike everyone else, because I prefer Huggies. I think that Pampers feel "squishy" when they are full. I have never had a problem with Huggies leaking. I use snug huggies during the day and the overnight huggies at night. But, I LOVE pampers sensitive wipes... better than all others for sure. Congratulations on your baby. Maybe we can meet in person at our 10yr HS reunion :) Best wishes.

Ashley said...

Hi Katy, I agree with Ashley above. (hi ashley!) I too went to HS with Matt. I have a boy & have found Huggies to be much better. Especially overnight. Pampers just don't seem to hold as well. They are much thinner and not as soft. I def vote Huggies! Congrats again!!

Brian and Jessica Ross said...

You are so much wiser than I was for doing this - ask, ask, ask! It will save you so much trouble!

I prefer Pampers because they are much more absorbent than Huggies (perhaps the reason they feel "squishy" as stated in another post). This is also advantageous when they sleep so much and you don't want to wake them up to change their diaper - or worse, to clean to puddle they are laying in! Today I returned all of the Huggies we bought prior to Eden being born because they aren't even worth trying anymore!

You can sign up to be an "Amazon mom" on Amazon.com and get an additional 30% off their already reasonable prices for diaper and wipes and super saver 2-day shipping for free! Delivered right to your door for cheaper than you can find them anywhere else! I also make my own baby wipes out of paper towels. I can give you my recipe if you'd like. Super easy and WAY cheaper!

I've also been meaning to ask if you do swagbucks to earn giftcards since you're the couponing queen :-) ?

Enjoy your pregnancy - it is such a beautiful gift!

Brian and Jessica Ross said...

..and just so you don't have to reply blog to blog, feel free to e-mail me if you want that wipe recipe or have any questions about the amazon or swagbucks thing...
aggiejess7 (at) aol (dot) com

The Links said...

Re-posting deleted comments.....

Lindsay F. (lefenner@gmail.com)
I found your blog through the Craddock's. I have a boy, and we used Pampers Swaddlers for Newborns, never had a problem. But Dylan wasn't ever a blow out baby. I don't think we ever had an explosion actually! We quickly went to Target Brand diapers when he was a size 1. I don't think they have newborns, but maybe now. They are MUCH more cost effective. I recommend looking into them, when you have to buy your own, after you use all the ones you get as gifts. Anyway, congrats on the baby!

The Links said...

Bigtwig2323 (bigtwig2323@hotmail.com)
3 days ago
I was given both at the baby shower and even tried both later on down the road. for my son the huggies always leaked! almost everytime. i would go and check on him early in the morning and he would be soaked thru. tried the pampers after that and they never leaked. size wasnt the issue they were the same size so i dont know if its because hes a boy but thats what ive descovered. as for price, huggies take that prize simple because f coupns. ill geta coupon in my diapers for pampers every now ang then but huggies coupons are everywhere. find one at coupons.com almost everytime i look. hope this was helpful!!
Pampers fan!