Monday, January 31, 2011

a relaxing day at sea

Eating and relaxing is how we spent most of our day!!

We woke up to a beautiful view of the ocean out our balcony.
It was much prettier than our view we had in Galveston!!

After my family's first cruise we learned that it was always best to eat in the dining room.  The buffet on the lido deck is never quite as good as what they serve in the dining room.  Thankfully Matt agrees with me and loves to take the time to stop and eat in the dining room for every meal rather than eating quick at the Windjammer.

We ate a delicious breakfast in the dining room, explored the ship a little, then went to the gym for a little workout.  After our workout, we laid out and read by the pool.  It very windy, which made it a little chilly, so it wasn't very enjoyable.  After an hour of being almost blown away, we went back down to the dining room for lunch, then tried our luck out in the sun again.  

We scored some comfy lounge chairs in the adult only lounge and laid out for quite a while because the wind was not blowing on us anymore!!
Not that I knew anybody on the ship, or cared what they thought about me,  but I always made sure I was reading something that made it obvious that I am pregnant and not just fat!!  
Before we went inside for the afternoon, we stopped by the pool to watch a chef build an ice sculpture.  
He was amazing.  He chiseled this swan in about 10 minutes.  
Since our dinner seating wasn't until 8pm, we ordered some spinach artichoke dip and fruit from room service for a little late afternoon snack!!
Tonight was formal night.   
I loved getting all dressed up, but Matt wasn't too excited about it because he dresses up for work everyday.
But doesn't he look so handsome!!
Our towel animal for the night was a swan!!
A full day of eating and relaxing wore us out, so we hit the sack early!