Sunday, January 30, 2011

surprise upgrade

If you remember, our last cruise we went on we kind of got off to a bad start. Our room smelled like smoke and we spent the whole first afternoon of our cruise getting our room changed. We ended up getting a room with a window, so it all worked out!!

When we got on this ship, we walked to our room and tried to unlock our door and neither one of our keys worked. We were so frustrated that we were starting our cruise off just like the last one. We did not want to spend the afternoon with Guest Services.

When we got to guest services, the lady said our door wasn't opening because we were going to the wrong room. We were going to the room that we paid for, an inside room with no window. Apparently we got an unknown upgrade, that they forgot to let us know about. Not only did we get upgraded to a room with a window, but we even had a balcony!! My parents, who cruise all the time have never even had a balcony!!
We had a nice flat screen TV that pulled out to face our bed and I had a spacious vanity to get ready at.
Our room was pretty big. We even had a little living area. It was perfect for the times that we got room service!!
Our view wasn't so lovely in Galveston, but it sure was beautiful when we were out at sea and when we pulled in to the ports.
At dinner, we sat with 3 other really nice couples. There were LOTS of old people {i.e baldies, white hair, oxygen tanks, wheel chairs}. I love old people, but I was glad that we were at a table with 3 younger couples. They were all older than us, but they were still young at heart!!
After dinner, I was so excited to see what our towel animal was, but we didn't have one. :)


Julie said...

What cruise line did you go on?? Your room was beautiful and so spacious!! We paid for a room with a balcony when we went on our cruise last summer...that's seriously the way to go, and in my opinion, DEFINITELY worth the extra money!!

Sky said...

I've been wanting to go on a cruise, but my husband doesn't think he'll like it. Are there any big downsides that you can think of that a regular trip wouldn't have?