Saturday, July 30, 2011

bath time

My sweet boy loves his bath time.  He can be pretty fussy in the evenings, but when I take his clothes off and get him all ready for a bath he totally calms down.  
I just love my little baby his diaper. It's just too cute!
Pearson is still being stingy with his smiles, but I'm pretty sure when he starts smiling that he'll smile during bath time. 
He just lays in the bathtub so content.  It doesn't bother him one bit to be washed.  
The only part of his bath time that he doesn't like is when I move him from the bathtub to his towel.  He starts to cry right when I lay him on his towel, but he quickly stops as soon as I wrap him all up.  
Such a sweet boy.


Kyle and Darci said...

Such a lil cutie!! Don't you just love that he doesn't mind bath time?? Adelyn is pretty much the same way!