Saturday, July 02, 2011

lunch date

I fed Pearson at 11:30 today, then Matt and I rushed out the door to take him over to Lolly and Pops so we could go on a lunch date.  
We went to Mooyah to grab a burger, went to Sprouts to pick up some fresh fruit, got Matt's car washed and went to CVS to pick up a prescription for Pearson.
It felt so good to get out of the house and have some alone time with Matt.  I did however miss my baby boy!! I know he was in great hands while we were gone, but it was good to have him back in my arms!


Alicia said...

Seriously such a cute cute cute family of three. Plus I know that Lolly and Pops probably love the extra grandparent hang out time. So yay for a fun lunch date and a time to spend together:)

Brandi Gail said...

Glad you got to have a lunch date with Matt! :)