Thursday, July 14, 2011

nothing sweeter

There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby.  
 Pearson loves to nap on his tummy.  
{At night time I swaddle him, so he sleeps on his back.}
I love how he curls his little legs up and tucks his feet under his bum.  
Ahhh.....there really is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby.


The Roberts' said...

It's true... except baby laughs, those are pretty great. :) Elliot napped on his tummy too, & swaddled on his back until around 4 months when he slept to sleeping on his tummy full time. Who cares what those doctors say!

Alisa said...

He does look so sweet with his little bottom up. When mine were babies they told us to put them on their tummies so if they spit up they would not choke. I just loved looking at them sleep that way. Still have mental pictures of all of them in my mind. Precious memories!!!