Tuesday, July 12, 2011

baby k'tan vs. moby wrap

A few weeks ago when I put Pearson in the Moby Wrap for this post, I knew that I wouldn't be wearing it again any time soon.  It just isn't made for this Texas heat.  I didn't even step outside, but I was burning up when I put it on.  It's just too much fabric.

Last week my Mom was out shopping in a fabric store and saw a lady with a really cute sling on.  She asked her about it and she said that it was called a Baby K'tan.  (Well, it wasn't actually a K'tan because she said that she just made her own.) My Mom googled it when she got home immediately made me one because she saw how simple it was.

We love it!!!
I put my make-up on this morning with him in it.
And I also fixed dinner with him in it.
He was cranky before I put him in and then settled down both times after I put him in.  He was totally content just looking up at me and I was happy to have both hands free!!

Here's a video to show you how similar it is to the Moby Wrap. It's so much better because it is less fabric and so much cooler.  It's also much easier and quicker to get into!!

I highly recommend it!!


Christine said...

Wow, I never saw the baby k-tan, but if I had, I might get it instead of the Moby. I loved my Moby, but that does look a lot easier to get situated. Mmmmm... unfortunately by the time I've mastered enough sewing for that, Naomi will probably be too big and at this point, I'm not willing to spend any more money. But, if there is a next time, I'll definitely think about that. Thanks for the info!

Ashley said...

It turned out cute. I like the look of the K'tan better than the Moby.

Brandi Gail said...

That is great! Love it!

Alisa said...

The K'tan looks great. Is Lolly going to add own homemade version to her Etsy sight and call it the Lolly Lug? or Pam Papoose?

Allie & Evan said...

I vote Lolly Lug. Lol. That's is soo great!!! I love seeing what your mom has made you!!! I hope one day when it's our turn my mother in law can make me some cute things.

Laura said...

So, I know I'm not a mommy yet, but I did spend hours and hours carrying around teeny tiny (and not so teeny tiny) babies in Zambia last summer, and the K'tan looks so much like what Zambian mamas use and taught me to use. It's so nice not to be bulked down with too much fabric but have a secure baby and free hands. Your mom is so talented!

Kerri said...

Your mom is so talented! Does she have an etsy shop? If not, she totally should!

Jane said...

I know it's been awhile since you posted this but I have a question about the sling fabric. How much stretch is there is the fabric? Is there more or less than 50% stretch in the stretchy direction of the fabric? What type fabrics would you reccomend? Maybe a cotton jersy? I love your sling! Do you still use it much now that your baby has grown some? Thanks!