Friday, July 08, 2011


Ever since the In-N-Out opened up in Allen Matt has been dying to go.  He's been to one in California since his sister used to live there, so he was so excited to hear it was coming to Texas.  We actually had  plans to go for lunch the day I went into labor, so we didn't quite make it out there!!

Since today was Matt's last day off work,  {Yes, I've been SUPER lucky to have him home for 3 1/2 weeks!!} we decided today would be the perfect day to venture going out to eat as a family of three!
When we got there around 11:15 we walked right up to the counter and ordered our food.  There wasn't even a line!!
 However we did have to wait around to find a table.  We ended up having to sit at a table of four that just had a little old couple sitting at it.  They were a sweet little couple, so we didn't mind sharing a table with them. 
The place was packed, but they got our food to us really quick.
Matt loved his Double Double.  
I liked my Cheeseburger, but I can't say it was anything special.  It was a good burger, but no better than Mooyah or Country Burger.  I did like there special sauce though.
Of course Pearson was a little angel!! He snoozed the entire time.  
I would definitely say they are true to their name.  We were In-N-Out pretty quick, but I still don't really get what all the hype is all about.  It's just a burger!!


Alicia said...

So I am a little skeptical of the "greatness" of the In-N-Out burger. Everyone was so hyped about it but then they say it isn't on the same level as Twisted Root or Square Burger but it is a must try. So I guess we shall see:) I cannot believe there wasn't a line. Regardless what a fun lunch date for three:)