Sunday, July 31, 2011

a busy sunday

For the last three weeks we have just been going to ABF. I've been nursing Pearson right before we go to church and it works out perfectly for me to nurse him right after we get home from ABF.  

Our ABF all goes to lunch together after the Worship Service on the last Sunday of each month.  Since this Sunday was "Last Sunday Lunch" we decided this week would be a good week to attempt it all......ABF, Worship Service, and Lunch.
Pearson did great during ABF.  He was awake during the beginning but got lots of loving from Cheryl.  He eventually fell asleep in my arms, so I actually got to listen to our entire lesson.  
After ABF, Matt went and got us a back seat in the sanctuary while I went to the nursery to nurse him.  They have a great little room with rockers and a changing table where nursing Moms can feed their babies.  I got to talk to another really sweet Mom that was in there with her little girl that is just 6 days younger than Pearson.  I can't wait to get involved with activities at the church with other Moms and babies!!  
We missed all of the music but made it just to the sanctuary just in time to hear the message.  Right in the middle of the message Pearson let out some really loud toots.  A few seconds later Matt let me know that he could smell him.  HA!!  I ended up having to go change him since he was pretty stinky.  I decided it was best for us to watch the rest of the message out in the hallway on one of the TV's.  
After church we all headed to the new Rudy's!! It was crazy busy, but SO good!! Pearson got passed around while I ate.  He loved it!!
I would say it was a pretty successful morning/afternoon at church & with friends. When we got home I fed Pearson and we both crashed!!


Julie said...

Wow...he looks so cute in his "big boy" church clothes! So sad we missed this Sunday, but I'm so happy to hear he did well for ABF, church, and lunch!

Kyle and Darci said...

Glad you guys made it through your big day!! Love the pic at the end of you guys all cashed out! :)

Alicia said...

He did such a good job and looked too cute in his outfit! And yes Rudy's was the best idea for last Sunday lunch.

Ashley said...

I love Rudys! They have really yummy breakfast too! Reading this makes me want to go.