Friday, July 29, 2011

me & my boy

Me & my boy were busy this week.  I was more of an "On the Go Mom" rather than a "Stay at Home Mom"
We took a trip to Target, Chick-fil-A & Sprouts.
We went to dinner with my family and went to the hospital to meet Miss Olivia.
We went to lunch with my Mom, Nonnie and my cousins.
We went shopping with my Mom
I had fun being out and about all week, but I'm hoping to be more of a "Stay at Home Mom" next week and spend lots of time with my sweet little boy.  


Kyle and Darci said...

Love that you have pictures of you with Pearson!! Something someone told me is to get in the pictures with your kids! Good job! :) I need to do this more.

The Cozads said...

sweet pictures! His outfit is adorable. :)