Friday, August 17, 2012

cute as a button

A few weeks ago we had a shower for the 7th sweet little boy joining our ABF.  Somehow I forgot to blog about it!!
My sweet friends Jenny & Michelle hosted the shower for Courtney.
They made a precious little diaper cake and served Chex Mix and cupcakes with little buttons on them. I loved the "Cute as a Button" theme.  So creative!!!
Baby Jack is due to arrive on September 29th, which is Matt's 30th birthday!!!

Nobody is ever surprised with my baby gift.  All the girls know that they are getting a K'Link baby wrap.  It was one of my favorite baby items so it's fun to gift something that I personally loved and that I can personally make for them!!
I have always had Pearson with me or there has been a little baby at the showers to model my wrap, but this time there weren't any babies at the shower.  Luckily Courtney had a little doll from her CPR class the night before!! I have to say, the little baby was pretty creep though!!
 There are only two pregnant gals left in our class.
I wonder who will be next to join the Mommy Club!! Or even crazier, I wonder who will be the first to start round two of babies.  We started the first round of babies, but we are hoping to give someone else in the class the opportunity to start round #2!!


mel @ the larson lingo said...

My sister is due on Sept 28th & naming her baby boy Jack! And, I am seriously interested in one of your wraps! They are so cute! I used one with Kate, but not with Claire b/c she wasn't a fan and I gave it away. I might be in touch with you in a few weeks! :)