Tuesday, August 14, 2012


We had such a fun day today.  We met up with Denise & Holland at Kidville.  It's a little kiddie gym similar to Gymboree Play.  I have no intention of signing Pearson up for the fall, but we totally took advantage of the complimentary first class!!
Before we got to go in the gym we played in the "waiting room".
 Coolest waiting room ever!!! It was like a little Kid Village with a grocery store, hair salon, restaurant, & auto shop.  Pearson had so much fun playing with all of the toys.  
 When the class first started he ran right up to the teacher and gave her a hug then sat in her lap.  Such a sweet boy. 
 After just a few minutes of playing the other teacher asked if this was his first time to a play gym.  She was super impressed that he was so brave climbing and playing with all of the equipment.  
 He loved climbing up the stairs. 
His favorite thing was to push this red thing.   
 He and Holland had some great teamwork pushing it around too. 
 When they brought the little cars out, he felt the need to show off his muscle and push around two. 
 Sweet boy was so curious.   
 He would watch what the other kids would do then try it out himself. 
 This picture is so blurry but you can still tell how happy he was when they set the swings up.  
 He was so friendly at the gym.  He was giving every adult in sight a hug.  
He and all the other kids loved the bubbles.  
These bubbles were awesome because they didn't pop when they landed.  He would just squat down and try to pick up all the bubbles off of the ground.  
 We had such a fun morning at Kidville!!
 I doubt we would ever pay for a class at one of these types of gym, but we will definitely be checking out a few more in the area that offer a free trial class!! 


Alisa said...

That was so sweet that he was hugging the adults. Such a loving little guy.

Lolly said...

Those 2 kids with the plain white bibs need a Tried and True business card!! It looks like he had a great time.

The Fenner's said...

We did gymboree with Dylan because of a gift card. He loved it and they had the bubbles that didn't pop! They are on his x- mas list this year! I've never heard of kidville but I'm pretty sure we will be checking it out soon!

Nicole LeBlanc said...

Looks like fun!

Allie said...

Never heard of Kidville... Glad y'all are having a good summer and you're back up and running with the new laptop!

Darci said...

Looks like a fun time! And that waiting room is awesome! TOo bad all waiting rooms couldn't be like that!

Lindsay said...

so fun! Hudson would love a place like this but like you, I can't see paying for a class.

Faith said...

That place looks like so much fun! I think I'll have to try it sometime!