Monday, August 13, 2012

last week...... MacBook crashed.

.....we bought a new MacBook Pro.

......I lost about 6 months of pictures because I didn't back up correctly. 

.....I cried like a baby. 

......I got over it because I pulled most of my pictures off Facebook.  
(although they aren't the best quality)

.....Matt took the entire week off to have some family time with me & P.

.....I went grocery shopping by myself and it felt like a vacation.

.....we went out to eat way too much.

.....we went to the aquarium.

.....I got a hair cut.

.....we  did lots of little projects around the house. 

......we spent way too much time watching the Olympics. 

.....I started feeling crummy on Wednesday and still don't feel quite right. 

.....we went to a matinee movie and lunch date while Lolly kept Pearson.

.....I took a little break from technology.  
No tweet, no Facebook, no blogposts, 
and even no pictures since Wednesday. 

That's about all that happened last week. 

And now I'm back.  


Unknown said...

I HATE hard drive crashes. I'm still crying over losing the document where I wrote every little thing down about Carson. Lessons learned.

Lauren said...

I missed your tweeting and posting! Also, I used to think I couldnt wait to go to the grocery store during the week once I had kids. Now I rush through hoping Caroline stays in a good mood! Alone totally feels like a vacation. :)

Brian and Jessica Ross said...

I mourned the loss of my pictures last June! I felt like I had lost a pet! Have you thought about uploading them to google (Picasa Web Albums)? You can upload/download in the original resolution so you never have to worry about the quality fading. I try to do it once a month so that I won't lose more than 4 weeks worth of pics if our HD ever crashes again. It's free up to 5G but I purchased an additional 20G for $5/yr. I figure this will also save my photos in the event of a house fire and it's a lot cheaper than Glad you took some time for yourself to recharge! :)

Allie said...

Glad you're back!! I joined the blogging world again!! Go check me out!! I need some followers. ;)

Alisa said...

Here is a blog that I pinned to my Pinterest Party Time board for making our own homemade non-popable bubbles