Thursday, August 23, 2012

getting ready for fall

This morning I took Pearson to a real Barber Shop to get his second haircut.  Ashley always gets Carson's haircut by her best friend's Dad, so we joined them this morning while Carson got his haircut too.  They are both going to look so handsome for the their start Pre-School and Mother's Day Out.

To help him sit still, the barber gave Pearson a lollipop.  He wasn't quite sure what to do with it at first.  
 He quickly figured it out though!!
 I'm pretty sure he was on a little sugar high here.  Too funny!!
After Pearson's haircut we went over to see my grandma and grandpa.  
Oma had made a special cake for Pearson.  It was a pumpkin cake decorated like a cute little carousel.
 Pearson quickly discovered that the little animals were edible.  
 We enjoyed a nice little visit while eating some delicious pumpkin cake with Oma and Joe.  And the best part was that Oma sent me home with about half of this cake.  Pumpkin cake is definitely a favorite around The Link Home and it really gets me excited that fall is right around the corner!!


Unknown said...

I loooove pumpkin cake!! I can't wait to make some once it's officially fall! His hair cut looks so good, too. I love Mr. James :)