Sunday, August 26, 2012

new series on TheLinkHome

Being a teacher my brain thinks in a school year calendar (August to August) rather than January-December.  So to me, I feel like this week is kind of a start of a new year.  

To start this "new year" on my blog I'm going to be doing some fun new series on my blog!!

{Pearson Approved}
This series will be posts featuring things Pearson loves and approves.  It could be his favorite toys, favorite products I use on him or even recipes that he loves.

{10 on 10}
This series will be where I take 10 pictures on the 10th day of the month.  It will document a snapshot of our daily life.  I got this idea from one of my favorite blogs, The Larson Lingo.  I always look forward to reading her 10 on 10 post each month, and I hope that you will enjoy seeing a snapshot of our everyday life each month.

{Pinned There Done That}
This series will feature Pinterest projects, recipes or ideas I have done or used. I have finally starting doing some of the things I have pinned on Pinterest, so I want to share with you the ones that are actually worth doing.  I got this series idea from one of my old college roomies fun organization blog, From Messy to Manageable

And the series I'm most excited about is.....

{Monthly Giveaways}
Each month I will host a giveaway that features an Etsy shop, a local business, or one of my favorite products.  I already have a giveaways lined up for August, September and October.  If you would be interested in me featuring your shop or local business as a giveaway please contact me at katymlink {at} gmail {dot} com and we can talk details!!

And get excited because the first giveaway will be on the blog on Tuesday!!!


Lindsay said...

So fun! I've been wanting to do a 10 on 10 post but I always do Hudson's monthly posts on that day. I'm thinking a 9 on 9 or 11 on 11.

The Fenner's said...

Great ideas! Can't wait to see what you have made off of pintrest!:)

Micah and Nicole said...

Ooooh. I might "borrow" some of your ideas. I need some direction in my blogging. I've been slacking. At least this gives me some ideas to think about.

Micah and Nicole said...

Yes & no to answer your question about project life. I haven't done it all summer. I've printed my pics, but not put them together. Bad right??? Now i feel like I'm just behind. I need to devote a day to just doing that! Maybe this week I can do it. I love the simplicity of project life. The only thing I don't like is how big the binder is. I miss the 8X8 shutterfly books.

Also, I think I liked my blog to my email. If I can follow directions properly! ;)

Erica Ladwig said...

Looking forward to the new topics! How are you liking your Maybook calendar?

Allie said...

WHOOP!!! I'm excited about this!!! Maybe you could make the Pinned there, done that a link up??

Darci said...

very fun!! I love the 10 on 10 post idea!

Sara @ The Crazy Cozads said...

How fun! Look forward to reading all of the new goodies that you have for us!