Wednesday, August 01, 2012

team USA

Y'all....I am loving the Olympics this year.  
And so is this little guy!! Every time he sees or hears people clapping on the TV he starts clapping too.  And his favorite word to say is "go" so he love to look at the TV and clap and say "go"!!  He's a sports lover like his Daddy already!! 

I have always love the Olympics, winter & summer, but I feel like I'm really into them this year.  Maybe it's the social media aspect of it or maybe it's the fact that I'm home to watch more coverage or maybe as I get older I just have more pride for my country.  During the 2008 Bejing Olympics I was busy planning my wedding and getting ready for my second year of teaching.  I may have been a little distracted!

Here are a few random thought I have on the Olympics.....

Does anyone else feel the same way about the Olympics??

You must follow Jen Hatmaker on Twitter.  Her color commentary on the Olympics during the Prime Time showing is hilarious.  I laugh out loud at just about every tweet of hers!!

Did you see the coverage of Aly Raisman's parents during her uneven bar routine during the qualifying round.  They were hilarious.  I was laughing so hard at them.  They looked like they were riding a roller coaster.  If you missed the video you can catch it here

It makes me so sad that Jordyn will not be competing with Gabby in the All-Arounds. Aly totally deserves to be there but it just makes me sad that they all three can't compete.  The new "only two girls from each country rule" is just flat out retarded.  Since when was the Olympics all about giving other countries a chance. It's all about being the best of the best.  Not allowing 4th place girl overall to compete is just not right.  And I just  have to add that I love how she was all smiles during her last floor routine.  It seems like most gymnasts never smile during their routine because they are so focused.  It was so good to see her smiling and having fun while competing!!

I didn't see this on TV but my parent's pastor tweeted it and I thought it was hilarious. 
His comment........ If you can't "go for the gold" then just "dig for gold".
Did you hear about the "badminton scandal"? You can real the whole story here. I'm so glad that the 8 players that were trying to lose their round robin game intentionally got expelled from the Olympics.  I realize they were trying to seed themselves better in the tournament play, but real athletes compete all the time.  And a true Olympian champion is the best and can beat anyone in any situation.  I'm so proud  of the fact that none of these athletes were from the USA.

I made this little onesie for Pearson last night.  I think it turned out so cute!! And because Pearson's birthday is in the summer I may or may not be planning an Olympic birthday party in my head for Pearson in either 2016 (age 5) or 2020 (age 9)!! One of my friends had an Olympic birthday party when I was a kid and I remember it being so much fun!!

Sometimes I think being a Mom to a little boy should be an Olympic sport.  Changing this kids stinky diapers are a work-out and sometimes even a team sport.  And right before I put him down for his nap I was trying to keep him out of the kitchen and he ran into my face and busted my lip.  Ouch!!

Alrighty, that's all. I'm going to finish watching the Women's Volleyball match while Pearson is down for a nap and then I must turn the TV off and get something done today!!

Go USA!!!!


Ryan said...

I agree with ALL of these thoughts! :) I watched in 2008 but wasn't nearly as engaged as I am this year and really can't figure out why. Maybe it's just that, as we get older, we gain more national pride?

(And I totally told Micah last night, "look at that guy totally picking his nose!" I feel like that probably makes me a bad person, but I couldn't help myself... too funny.)

Go Team USA!

Unknown said...

I am loving the Olympics this year too, but I always have been this invested. Going to the Olympics (summer or winter) is on my bucket list. I am just amazed at how talented these athletes are!

And now that you have given me the idea, Landry just might have an Olympic birthday party at some point!

Alisa said...

Love the shirt you made Pearson. He is my little Olympic star!

Anonymous said...

I love the onesie you made for him!

Brian and Jessica Ross said...

Oh my goodness we were laughing so hard at Aly's parents too!!! That has been my favorite footage of the Olympics thus far! Haha! So akward!