Thursday, February 21, 2013

a little blog break

Hi Friends!!

I didn't really intend to take a little blog break.  I've just been really busy lately.  And when I haven't been busy, I've just been lazy!!!  I feel like I haven't really blogged in week.  I know I put up Pearson's 20 month post and a Meal Planning Monday, but it's been pretty quiet around here other than that. Since I'm already on a roll taking a little blog break, I've decided to continue it through the weekend as I'm going to be away at Dot Mom!! I actually won a free ticket from a blog, but I'm going with a couple of girls from my Bible Study!! I'm so excited!!!  

So.......I just wanted to check in, say hi, and let you know nothing was wrong....just in case you were wondering!!  I'll be back on Monday with yet again a Meal Planning Monday.

Have a blessed day!!


Brandi Gail said...

What is Dot Mom? Have fun!

Lindsay said...

I'm all about the blog breaks! ;) ha! have a great weekend.

Darci said...

I'm with ya on the blog breaks...sometimes you just need one!

Hope you had a great weekend at Dot Mom!