Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Thanks for sticking with me while a took a little blog break.  I just needed a little time away from the blog.  I've had a lot of responsibilities at church lately, been busy with my new little nanny job and of course chasing around and entertaining a toddler is a full time job!!  I know I never have to "apologize" for not blogging, but I like to keep my blog up to date because it's essentially my scrapbook!!

So, here's what we've been up to lately....

We had a Valentine's Day playdate with my childhood friend and her daughter Stella. 
We got to see my cousin, who lives in Tennessee, compete in a gymnastics meet here in Dallas.

We were all so incredibly proud of Ashton.  It was amazing to watch her in her element.  Plus it was great to see on of my other cousins and my uncle.
 We went to Splitsville with our ABF for some bowling.
I hate to brag, but in the first round I beat all the girls AND the guys.  I can thank my bowling class at A&M for my skills!!
I kept my niece and nephew so that Ashley could get her hair cut and colored.  
Sweet Olivia had to improvise with all the boy toys we have in our house.  Who knew that a dump truck could be a stroller, a rocking chair, and a crib.
 We also went and visited Nonnie.  They sure do loooooooove their Nonnie!!
And who wouldn't when she gives you cake for snack!!!
This past weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to go to DotMom for free.  I won a ticket from the Lifeway Women's blog.  My Mom kept Pearson all day Friday until Matt got home from work and then Matt kept him all day Saturday.  It was the longest that I have ever been away from Pearson.  I love him to pieces, but it was nice to get away for a little while.
I went with two of my sweet friends from Bible Study, Meredith & Mandy.  We had a blast Friday and Saturday together.  The speakers were great and the break-out sessions were amazing.  I really walked away with lots of great ideas, encouragement and motivation to be the best wife and mom that I can be.

Hopefully soon I can share with you some of the stuff I learned at DotMom.  I'm just such a terrible writer.  It's so hard for me to put into words what I want to say.......which is why I usually just stick to lots of pictures and a little bit of writing here on my blog.  But, the Lord really taught me some neat stuff and I would love to share it with you all. 


Carissa said...

Sounds like a great week, I just update my bog too. I missed practically a whole month though.

Nickolee Roberts said...

oh - please share what you learned! i'd never heard of it before and went and looked it up! I'd love to hear some of what He taught you!!

Alisa said...

I love that Matt had his Baylor green for his bowling ball!

Lolly said...

You got some great photos of Ashton. Mine turned out terrible. I either clicked too early or too late. I just can't take action with my little camera. You need to message her to be sure to see your blog! I also love the picture of Pearson on photo a day "full"!!!!That fat little tummy is too cute on him. Not so much on the rest of us!