Saturday, February 16, 2013

pearson {20 months}

Oh P-Man, you make us laugh every single day but you definitely keep us on our toes.  It's crazy to see how much you have learned this month. I know we are a little biased, but we think you are pretty dang smart.  You amaze us everyday with your knowledge.  You are a little sponge soaking up everything we say and do.  We can't wait to see what you learn this month!! We love you sweet boy!!

Measurements:  28ish pounds

  • shirts/onesies: 24 months & 2T
  • shorts/pants: 24 months 
  • pjs: 24 months & 2T
  • diaper: size 4's (Huggies Slip-On 5's at night)
  • shoe: size 5ish (it really depends on the brand)

Sleeping: You have been napping earlier this month and you seem to take a better nap.  You nap from 12:30-3pm.  You go to bed around 7-7:30pm and wake up around 7-7:30.

Eating: You drink 3 sippy cups of milk and eat 2 snacks and 3 meals a day.  You are a snack-aholic.  You would eat snacks and crackers all day if I let you. Your favorite foods are bananas, greek yogurt, turkey, cheese, avocados, mandarin oranges, & yogurt raisins.  This month you have become obsessed with spinach salad with ranch or romaine lettuce with Caesar dressing.

New Tricks: Pointing to body parts (hair, ears, eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth, teeth, tummy, fingers, feet, elbows, knees), Animal sounds (cow, horse, sheep, pig (he makes this funny honking sound), goat, bear, duck(wah-wah), cat (mee-yah), dog(ffff-ffff), tiger) Recognizing letters (all but FGMSVWXZ), Recognizing Shapes (circle, square, triangle, oval, star, moon, Recognizing Numbers (8 & 9), Following directions.....we can tell him to go get something or do something and he can usually understand what we are asking, "jumping"

Words: It's getting hard to remember all of your new words.  You are trying to repeat everything we say. You are still not stringing two words together but you are saying TONS of words.  I'm going to still try and write the new words that I can remember, but I know that I am probably going to miss a few since you say so many!

Da-De (Daddy), Go (when he waves), Doh (dog), Da ("dat"), Woah (hello), Mommy, Duh(Duck), Wah (Water), GoGoGoGoGoGo (when we mention going somewhere), Nuh (milk), Ah-Oh (when he drops something), Di-Dle (Bible), Ca-Ker (cracker), Go-Go (anything with wheels), Doo (Peek-a-Boo), Shhhuh (Shoe), Cah (car), Nih-Nih (Night, Night) Trac-Ker (tractor), Na-Nuh (Banana), No, Gee-Suh (Jesus), Nack (Snack) Di-Da (Diaper), Bye-Bye, Sha-Ta (Shasta-my parent's Dog), Izz-oo (Izzie), Jo (Joseph), A-Tal (Apple), Truh with a rolled "r" (truck), Woooaaah (Wow), Yah (Yay), Buh (Book), Coh (Cow), Pah (Pops), Trac-Ker (also train) BeBe (Blueberry) Bo (Boat) Too-Too (Choo-Choo) Ba-Be (Baby), Uh (Up),  Eeeee (Eat), Pappi (Paci)  Ba-Tuh (Bathtub), Yo-Yo (Yogurt) Yo-Ya (Lolly), Cah-Se (Carson), Cuh (Cup), Boh (Ball), Soh (Sock), Coh (Coat), Pee-Suh (Pizza), Tuh-Dle (Puzzle), Cuh-Cuh (Color), A-see (Aisley), Ah-Yi (Alice), Mi-Mi (Naomi) New this month: Sho (TV Show) Mi-Mo (Mickey Mouse, Mi-Mi(Minnie), Chee-uh (Cheers...on Mickey Mouse), Ya-Yi (Lolly), Cha (chair), Moo (moon), Chuh (church), Shah (Star), tuh-tle (turtle), su-cle (circle), o-ful (oval), Hah (heart), tee (teeth) No (nose), eye, Mummy (tummy), elbow, knee, Am-ba (Amber), Si (Lexi), Teet (feet), ah nuh (all done), Buh (Book),

Teeth: 14 (eight top/six bottom) Your left top canine popped through this month.  Still waiting on those bottom canine's though. You've been putting your fingers in your mouth where those teeth should be coming in so I think they will be coming soon.

Likes: Books, trucks, cars, trains, stacking toys, The Adventures of Chuck the Truck, Mickey Mouse eating, snack-time, puzzles, steering wheel toy, coloring

Dislikes: Getting your diaper changed, brushing your teeth, waiting for your food when he you're hungry, when we don't give you crackers, when we don't let you walk.
Other Random Things:
  • We turned your car seat around this month and you love sitting facing forward.  You can see so many more cars and trucks!!
  • You love to help me unload the dishwasher. I take out all of the sharp stuff and then you hand me each and every piece.  Sometimes I have to take over when we get to the silverware because you think every piece should go in your mouth before you hand it to me. 
  • We are still dealing with some pushing issues at Mother's Day Out, MOPS and Sunday School. 
  • We took your paci away at bedtime this month.  The first night you screamed for a good 30 minutes.  You still scream a little more than you used to without your paci but you quickly fall asleep.  I'm so glad we are nearing the end of our paci days.  I keep telling myself I'm giong to take it away at nap time soon, but when I go to lay you down you say "Pappi" so sweetly and I just give in!!
  • You are getting better at brushing your teeth. We sing the ABC's while we brush and it seems to help!
  • You are OBSESSED with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Anytime we turn on the TV (even if we aren't turning it on for you) you run to your chair and say "sho".
  • You are really participating in Story Time these days.  You are doing the motions to the songs, yelling out answers to questions, and listening to the stories. 
  • I can not take credit for how many letters you know (19).  You are a self-learner.  We have so many letter toys that you just soak up all the information.  I'm so proud that you are learning so easily.
  • You always call a P, Me!  When we would see a P, we would say, looks that's for you, Pearson! And that stuck because you call a P, Me now!!
  • You love the song Ho Hey by the Lumineers.
Look how you've changed....


Lindsay said...

I'm feeling the same way with Hudson's words. He says at least 1 new word just about daily so it's so hard at this point to remember all the new ones. He's also still not stringing them together but I feel like he's saying so much it's still ok. Do you like the Huggies slip-ons? We have a pack that we got as a gift and I haven't opened them yet. That's a good idea to use them at night.

Alisa said...

Just crazy how much he is talking now. So cute to listen to him. Just growing up so fast!!!

Darci said...

What are Huggies slip on's? They must have good protection to last all night. I've been thinking about trying pull ups because Adelyn likes to sit on the potty all the time (she doesn't do anything tho) and taking her diaper on & off each time is a pain.

I'm so impressed that you're almost done w/the paci! I'm nervous for that stage. Adelyn LOVES hers! We're down to just nap & bed time...but still! ;)