Tuesday, February 12, 2013

wild about you + {a free printable}

**I had all intentions of getting this post up last night, but I got a ticket yesterday afternoon so I had absolutely no motivation to do anything......except watch The Bachelor.  Ha!
You know you have a true toddler when they love a food one day and then hate it the next!  A little while back, I bought a huge tub of animal crackers at Sam's because he loves eating them at Mother's Day Out.  Of course, after I bought the huge tub of animal crackers he decided he didn't like them!! Of Course. When I saw this cute valentine on Pinterest, I knew it would be perfect for all of little friends at Mother's Day Out and MOPS, and a perfect way for me to get rid of my giant tub of animal crackers that my son won't eat!!
I just needed to spruce up the label a little bit.  I saw some other cute ones on Pinterest that had zebra print and leopard print in the background, but they seems a little girl.  I decided to just go with the zoo animal theme and I think they turned pretty darn cute!!
So if you have an abundance of animal crackers like I did and need a cute little valentine for your little one, here is the printable for you!!

**These are spaced a little funky (with a space on top of each of them) so you can cut the big space above the picture,  fold them over a baggie and staple them. Or of course you can cut them all the way out like I did and back with colored paper.  Either way, I think they'll be pretty cute!! 
{To download, Click so the image pops up in a new window, Right Click, Then Save & Print!}