Sunday, February 03, 2013

a super fun super bowl

Every year we go over to Matt's sister's house for a fun Super Bowl Party.  All the guys watch the game upstairs in the media room while the ladies hang out with the kids and eat!! Good food is what Super Bowl parties are all about, right?
This year we also had a "Foodie Bowl" where everyone brought different dishes.  We all voted during the 4th quarter and the winner went home with a prize!! We also play Squares every year too.  The squares were a quarter a piece so we spent $3 and each got 4 squares.  I ended up winning the 1st and 2nd quarter so I went home with $10.  Not to bad!!  
Before the game started, Pearson got a front row seat for the singing of the National Anthem.  That was about all of the game he watched, because he was so excited to play with all of his cousin Ethan's toys!!
Pearson played outside on their swing set for the first time. Emma was so sweet with him.  He was loving all the special attention that she gave him!

Pearson also spent some quality time with Grammy doing some puzzle.  He was definitely showing off how he knows some of his letters.  At one point he couldn't find the "L" that went in the ABC puzzle so he got the boot from a pirate puzzle and tried to place in in the ABC puzzle since it looked like an "L".
And of course he was being a little silly too!!

Pearson loves every second he gets to spend with his Grammy!!

While we were playing downstairs Pearson really took to Pops (my BIL's father).  Even though it's not Pearson's Pops I guess kids just know a grandpa when they see 'em. 
At half time, I passed Pearson off to Daddy so I could watch the only part of the game I care about.  The Halftime Show!! I thought Beyonce did great.  One of the kids at the party was calling her Feyonce.  I thought that was so funny!!

Pearson stayed up way past his bedtime, but he and Ethan had a ball playing together.  It just makes my heart smile seeing them play together!!
 I'm so thankful that we have family close so we can see each other often and have fun traditions like Super Bowl parties each year!!

And now that football season is over that means we are one more day closer to