Wednesday, February 13, 2013

surprise valentine visit

Tonight Lolly & Pops surprised Pearson and came over to deliver his Valentine! He was so excited to see them!!
He walked right up to Pops to open up his little Valentine. 
He thought the foam bath letters looked pretty cool!! 
Before we gave Pearson a bath we watched a couple of videos of our funny little man with my parents.
This one is of Pearson jumping on a little trampoline at the girl's house that I nanny for. 
This one is of Pearson singing Ho Hey in the car the other day.  He does this every single time he hears this song!!  Even while we were listening to this video he was singing HEYYYY, HOOOOO!!
This one is of Pearson dancing to "In the Jungle"at Story Time today.  I really need to get a full video of him doing this, because he is so funny when he does the whole song!! And just like the other video, he danced and danced while we were playing this video.
After Pearson put on a show, dancing and singing and telling us his letters, we put his new bath toys to good use!!
Thanks Lolly & Pops!!


Alisa said...

How sweet!

Karen Weido said...

Hi there. I'm a Nuby Mommy Blogger and found your blog while I was checking out the other moms. Your son is adorable!

This post caught my attention because my kids call a set of their grandparents Lollie & Pop as well. Very cool!