Friday, January 03, 2014

5 on Friday

Today I'm linking up with Darci at The Good Life Blog. 

Pearson and I had a lunch date today with my friend Cinnamon at Panera Bread.  While pregnant with Pearson and Nash I have really craved their Sierra Turkey Sandwich & Potato Soup.  I love it when I'm not pregnant, but it just tastes ten times better when I am pregnant.  And yes, I eat cold lunchmeat while pregnant.  I'm such a rebel!!

On December 26th, after all of our Christmas festivities were over I went into major "Get Ready for Nash Mode".  We made most of the stuff for his room in October but after we did that I pretty much took a break over the holidays.  If he came tomorrow we have all the important things ready for him, but I still have so much to do before he is born.  The other day when I couldn't sleep I made my hospital packing list.   I don't plan on packing my bag until 36 weeks, but I got a little excited about my new diaper bag and I went ahead and packed Nash's bag for the hospital. 

My Mom and I worked on a little project for the walls in Nash's room today.  I can't wait to show you the finished product.  As soon as I get all the decor on the walls and his bookshelves, I will do a big nursery reveal.  

My Mom made these little shirts for the boys a while back, but today we made the little hat for Nash.  Eeeek.....I die.  So excited to see my sweet boys wearing these shirts together!!  Nash's teeny tiny onesie makes Pearson's shirt look so big.  
Speaking of being BIG.  I can't believe how big my little guy is getting.  He's growing up so much these days.  He's talking so much and has such a sweet little personality.  Every night when we say our prayers he says "Thank you for Baby Nash".  While I know he knows Baby Nash is in my belly, I'm not sure he fully grasps that Nash is a real baby that is going to be living with us soon.  I'm already praying for Pearson's little heart to be ready for all the changes that are about to come.  His little world as an only child is about to rocked!! 
Hope you had a wonderful Friday! 


fancyashstyle said...

The last picture is so sweet. He's going to be a great big brother. I'm sure he's going to love helping you.

Amber said...

The Boppy cover is so cute! Get ready: Pearson will suddenly seem GIANT when Nash is born!

Amber said...

The Boppy cover is so cute! Get ready: Pearson will suddenly seem GIANT when Nash is born!

Julie said...

Love the matching onesie and t-shirt! Did you eat cold lunchmeat when you were pregnant with Pearson? I just found out yesterday that you're not supposed to eat soft-serve ice cream while pregnant, and I ate it all the time during the summer while I was pregnant! LOL...there's so much to worry about - food should not be one of them! :)