Thursday, January 23, 2014

pearson {31 months}

I think I say this every month, but you get more and more fun each month.  You keep us laughing all the time and bring us SO much joy to our lives. 

  • You are a super cleaner upper.  You know where all of your toys go and you always help us in the evening to clean up all your toys. You definitely didn't get the clean gene from me!!
  • You follow directions so well. We can tell you to go get something or go do something and you know just what to do!
  • Your vocabulary is expanding every day and that is mainly because you ask "What is dat?" about EVERYTHING.  Last month you said "What's dat" but this month it's "What is that?" You literally ask this about 100 times a day!! I love your curious little mind though!!
  • You had strep this month and you loved taking your medicine.  Each morning and evening you remind me that "Pearson need medicine!"
  • You say two different prayers at dinner time.  Either the ABC prayer for the New Blessing.  The ABC prayer is "ABCDEFG Thank you God for feeding me." We call the other blessing the New Blessing because we introduced it last month.  It's no longer new, but that's what you call here.  Here is how you say it.  "God is great, God is goot, let us thank him for our foooot." I love how you make all the words rhymes.  It's the cutest thing ever. And you always drag out your Aaaaaaaaa-men.
  • Anytime you fall or hurt yourself you say "I hurt da head" or "I hurt da hand"
  • You don't say "my" you say "I" so it's "I milk" or "I shirt".  I guess we live in a world of I's with our iPhone and iPad so it's quite confusing!!!
  • You like to dip your green beans in ranch.
  • You love cucumbers and celery and ranch.
  • We hear you say "Wemme do it!" a lot!!
  • You have asked about a million times this month "Where Christmas go?".  You were so sad to see all the Christmas lights and our decorations come down.
  • Anytime you see a P you say "Hey, P Pearson!"
  • We started associated letters with words this month and you know can tell us what all of our family members names start with and you can tell us at least one word that each letter starts with. (ex. A-Ashley, D-Daddy, M-Mommy N-Nash R-Rocketship, Z-Zipper, etc.)
  • One night I made Tator Tot Casserole and I told Matt that you probably wouldn't eat it.  Much to my surprise you were scarfing down the beef mixture and saying "Dis chicken is good!!"
  • You are constantly asking "What dose people doing?" You want to know everything about everybody.
  • One day when we were eating at Firehouse Subs and really large man walked in and you said (quietly thankfully) "Hey, wook, it's a giant!"
  • Your longest sentence you said last month was "Hey Mommy, Yook at Dos Christmas Yights Ober Dare." 
  • Anytime you say something is big you say "Big-O".  I couldn't figure out why until I caught myself always saying "Big Ole".  For example, I made a Big Ole pot of Taco soup for dinner tonight.  Or that's a Big Ole truck over there.  
Funny Words you Say
picko- Pillow
puter- Computer
jommas- PJ's
fwippers- Slippers
wakkles- Waffles


Lindsay said...

So cute!! Hudson says "wapples" for waffles.