Friday, May 09, 2014

five on friday

I feel like I haven't done much writing on the blog lately.  I just post some pictures real quick, add a few captions and call it a post.  I miss writing about our daily life, all our adventures, and just sharing random though.  I don't really have any organized thoughts right now so I'm just going to throw together a Five on Friday post!  

Most of my pregnancy weight fell off after giving birth and from nursing, but I have been at a plateau for the last month or so.  I have literally done nothing to lose weight, in fact I've probably been eating more than I normally do, so it's definitley time to do something.  To get over this plateau and lose these last 10-12 pounds I've got to actually put some effort into my weightloss.  I was feeling a little discouraged that I still had 10-12 pounds left to lose, but I looked at my (unofficial) Weight Watchers log from a few years ago and I weigh exactly the same now as I did 3 months postpartum with Pearson.  If things go the same way, I'll be back to my normal weight and comfortably in all my clothes in 9 weeks.  Here's to hoping these last 10-12 pounds come off easily like they did with Pearson.  I'm ready to have my body back!!

My plan to lose these last few pounds "Weight Watchers Style".  I won't actually sign up for the meetings because I've done them before and have all the material, but I will weigh in weekly and track all my food.  I'm the queen of snacking so tracking my food is the way I avoid it. 

We have been loosely potty training for the last two week and I am proud to say that Pearson has pretty much potty trained himself.  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm sure we still have our fair share of accidents ahead of us, but for the most part I think Pearson is pretty much potty trained.  We still have him in pull-ups during nap time and bedtime but he wakes up dry every now and then.  Hopefully we can drop pull-ups soon though.   Today we celebrated a full week of no accidents with an ice-cream sundae at our new Braum's.  I'll have to do a whole blog post on "how we potty trained without really potty training".

Is it just me or has Facebook gotten really annoying? I swear the only thing in my Newsfeed these days are people trying to sell crap (that's a whole blog post on it's own too), articles reposted and those dumb quizzes to see which Disney Character you are most like or which celebrity you look like.  Ugh, sooooooo annoying.  If you wanna see what's going on at The Link Home, you can find me on Instagram.  I like it so much better than Facebook. 

I randomly asked Pearson the other day when his birthday was and he said June 16th.  I had no idea he actually knew.  They must have talked about it at school because I sure haven't taught him that.  Pearson is SO excited about having his "THREE Birthday" (that's what he calls it).  It's been fun to let him help me do some of the planning.  I've been playing up the idea of a golf party to him for a while and he seems to be excited about it so that's what we are doing this year! He has told me the friends he wants to invite and informed me that he wants "milla" (vanilla) cupcakes with green icing.  I CANNOT believe that he is about to be 3.  Where has the time gone?

Lolly made the boys new brother shirts.  Nash has officially outgrown his 3 month one and they were both long sleeve anyways.  When we were trying to get a picture of them modeling the shirts, Pearson insisted on laying ON Nash rather than by him.  Poor baby has no personal space.  I'm going to laugh when the day comes when Nash can actually fight back and pulls his hair or pinches him or hits him.  Ha! 
Hope you all have a great weekend! 
I'll be back tomorrow with a 10 on 10 post.  


Julie said...

I get SOOOO annoyed with the FB sales too! Plexus, Beachbody, Rodan & Fields...ugghh.

Also, I'm jealous that your weight fell off so quickly. You're so lucky! Eating is my biggest downfall, too. Good luck!