Friday, May 16, 2014

pearson {35 months}

I seriously can't believe you are almost three.  Each year has flown by, but this year had gone really fast…..maybe because of the addition of your baby brother.  Also because of the addition of your brother, I didn't take too many notes things that happened this month.  Oops!! I still love you though!!

  • You are officially potty trained.  We didn't really do anything special.  We just waited until you were ready and it just clicked.  You are still in pull-ups at nap time and bedtime, but the majority of the time you wake up dry so we will switch to underwear soon!!  I can't believe how easy potty training was. 
  • You have started to get a little rough with Nash lately.  You LOVE to touch his face.  
  • If you see our last name you always say "Hey, that's my Link"

Funny Words You Say….
Han-Za-Tire (Hand Sanitzer)
Yittle Room (Living Room)
Cata-Killer (Caterpillar)
Over (Oval)
Tock (top)


Alisa said...

I am so proud of Pearson and his potty training! He looks so big in his 35 mo. picture and his big boy underwear. Such a handsome little guy.