Wednesday, May 14, 2014

#thelinkhomeeveryday2014 {week 19}

{Day 127}
I represented the Skinny Pop table at the Dallas Moms Blog Mommy Foodie Fair.  This stuff is so good!!
{Day 128}
We spent some time in the closet because of some tornado warnings.  Scary stuff!!
{Day 129}
There were lots of new sights and sounds on our trail walk because of all the rain we had gotten the day before.  I love how curious Pearson is about everything. 
{Day 130}
Hanging out with my little love while big brother was napping.
{Day 131}
Mother's Day lunch with my boys at Joe Willy's.
{Day 132}
Just watching the new with Daddy!
{Day 133}
Pearson played with his car garage/road and cars for a solid 30 minutes after dinner.  An old man came up to me and told me that he was so impressed with how well he had sat there and played.  So proud of my boy!!


Alisa said...

That picture of Nash on his tummy with his arms folded in front of him and that sweet little head held high is precious. Just like Daddy!