Tuesday, May 06, 2014

to my sweet nash

**I guess since my sweet little Nash is almost 3 months old, I should finally post his letter I wrote to him before he was born.  I actually sat down to finish up this letter the night I went into labor.  I had it just about finished when my water broke.  All I needed to do was add the pictures and a few more captions.  I really wanted to finish it before I left, but my contractions were pretty painful and coming quicker so we had to get to the hospital!!  

To my sweet little Nash Matthew Link:

I can't believe that in less that two weeks we get to meet you sweet boy.  In some ways this pregnancy has flown by and in some ways I feel like I have been pregnant forever.

The day we found out that you would be joining us was such a special day because it was your big brother's 2nd birthday and Father's Day.  You are so lucky to have these two very special boys in your life!!
We were so excited to find out about you that we couldn't even wait a day to tell my family.  We thought that since it was Father's Day it would be special to tell Pops he was going to be a Grandpa again!!

We were dying to tell Grammy & Grandaddy about you too, but Grammy had a surprise party planned two weeks later so we thought it would be fun to add to the surprise.  All of your Daddy's side of the family as there so it was a BIG surprise for everyone!!!

Around 7 weeks we went ahead announce to the world that we were expecting you! We just couldn't hold it in.

Your big brother and I had so much fun making this video together.
Finally at about 9.5 weeks we got to see you.  You looked like a sweet little gummy bear just like Pearson did.  It was still so surreal to finally see you growing in my belly.  It was definitely love at first sight.
Every week I took belly pictures, just like I did with Pearson.  
Sometimes your big brother even insisted that he take a belly picture too!!
There were definitely some similarites to this pregnancy and Pearson's pregnancy but there were definitely some differences too.  I never actually got sick but I did feel sick in the morning and even sometimes during the day.  Eating something almost always fixed it.  I have craved sweets from the very beginning of this pregnancy so I thought you were a girl almost all along.

On the day of our sonogram I decided to wear pink and blue because I knew we couldn't go wrong either way!!
The week before our sonogram we took some pictures with Pearson announcing that you were a boy AND  girl.  Ha!! I saved both images on my phone so we could post on Facebook our good news immediately after we told our parents!!  We trashed the girl photo and shared this one!!
I wanted your big brother to be the one to share our good news that you were a boy so I made special play dough with blue food coloring in it.  When we got to the restaurant with our parents we started playing with the play dough.  It turned BLUE for a boy!!
As soon as we knew you were a boy I started throwing out tons of names.  Since Pearson's middle name was after my grandpa we knew that you would need a family name too for your middle name.  Matthew, obviously after your Daddy, was perfect!  We just had to come up with a first name.  It seemed like every name I threw out there your Daddy immediately vetoed.  When I suggested Nash he didn't veto it.  I immediately took that as a YES, but he still had to sleep on it for a while.  Pretty quickly we agreed that it was the perfect name for you.  
You have no idea how incredibly lucky you are to have this man as your Daddy.  He is such a godly, smart, honest, kind man and the perfect person for you to look up to as an example.  He already loves to so much and is so excited to hug and kiss you and of course wrestle with you when you get big enough!!
Oh boy, I seriously can not wait of for you to meet your big brother.  He has been talking about you ever since we told him about you.  He loves to say your name and kiss my belly.  I just know you two will be the best of buds.  Since your Daddy has two sisters and I have two brothers, neither of us got to experience a same sex sibling relationship.  I know we are both so excited to see the special relationship you two will have.  You are so lucky to have Pearson as your big brother.  He is so smart, so funny, and knows how to have a good time! I know you two will always have a good time together.  I pray that he will be a good example for you to look up to as you grow up. 
While this pregnancy definitely wasn't difficult, it wasn't quite as easy and enjoyable as my pregnancy with Pearson.  Even though I haven't loved being pregnant this go round, I absolutely LOVE that I have been able to carry you.  I haven't loved all the aches and pains, but I sure have loved all the sweet movements I feel each day.  I know that when you are here it will all be worth it.  Pregnancy is a true miracle and I am so blessed that I have been able to experience the miracle of life twice.  
Sweet Nash, we can't wait to welcome you into our family.  I can't wait to see how big you are, to see if you look like your brother, to see your sweet face and kiss your sweet cheeks.   I know that you will be the perfect addition to our little family.  We can't wait to meet you!!

Your Mommy


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Pretty Awesome!

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So sweet! Such a fun thing for Nash to read when he is older.