Thursday, March 22, 2012

cousins play date

Ashley, Carson & Olivia came over to play today.  You'd think that since Pearson and Olivia are just 6 weeks apart that they would be interested in playing with each other.
But Pearson is all about Carson.  He wants to be doing whatever he is doing.  And playing with whatever he is playing with.  
He loves his big cousin.  I can't wait until they are really old enough to play with each other.  
 Sweet Olivia is still in that stage where she will stay put and play.  
 My little guy, on the other hand, is on the move all the time.  Getting picture of them together was not all that easy.  
It's funny because when we could actually get them to play together, they always wanted the same toy.  
 Love these sweet babies.  
Summer is right around the corner and I know we'll be having lots of play dates at the pool!! I can't wait!!