Sunday, March 04, 2012

grammy & grandaddy visit

Grammy & Grandaddy came to see us this afternoon after church. 
They were dying to see the live version of Pearson crawling.  Pearson was all over the place while they were here!  He gave them quite the show!!
Notice the onesie in the background?  It says, "MY MOMMY IS EXHAUSTED." Perfect for my little non-napping crawler that is all over the place.
Pearson even taught Grandaddy some of his crawling moves!!
Pearson's new thing is to jump around.  He will literally wear your arms out jumping around. 
He also pulled up all the way to his feet a few time this afternoon.  This little boy is growing up way to fast.  He has got to slow down.  
 I'm so glad Matt's parents got to come over for the afternoon.  
I think Pearson had alot of fun this afternoon getting some extra lovin' and showing off all his new tricks.